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  • Hey Andrizoid! I saw your ubuntu eris project over on XDA and then I saw the crap everyone gave you. I'm super sorry man. That is not how a forum should be run.

    As for ubuntu eris, I just read here that you're almost finished. I was considering starting something like this from scratch, but before I go way over-board, I was wondering if you have anything you've released or are willing to release on it? Any help to pick up where you left off (on XDA) or to use what you've got would be great. Loved your work on XDA, man.
    whats up man how you been, moved over to the moto D1 but i figured id see how things were coing with ubuntu on the eris, i got debian working on this bad boy earlier now to get a gui goin will be sweet
    friends i am working on a project that includes some editing in android
    can anyone please tell me that is it possible to edit Android source code
    i want to edit its SIM Card access.
    please if anyone can help do reply me as soon as possible
    my email id is
    please this is a very critical stage for me
    i would really appreciate your help
    Salman Ali
    alls been pretty good, been running 4.3 since i got it working.
    Have some random reboots lately. Seems to happen when I use Handcent
    Saw that you were banned from XDA. I have a question about the White Widow ROM. Is there functionality for exchange calendars. I will need that as I am a business owner.
    Hi, I saw you mention back in march that you tethered your droid eris to your mac 10.4.11, if you have any insight to offer me I would be so thankful. I tried to use pdanet, but as I'm sure you know that doesn't work, I must have other options, right? I'm pretty clueless, but would love to be able to use my phone to get my laptop online. Thanks so much :)
    Hey, I've tried modding a few apps, but when I move them to my phone it cannot install them. I figure this is because I don't sign them correctly. Could you please tell me all I would need on Windows to sign apps?
    hey andrizoid im new to all this an android eris stuff. i think i got all the apps that im looking for but not im reading about rooting the phone. i tried looking up what exactly it is but really cant understand it. can u explain it to me and what benefits it will hold. thanks alot.
    Hey, if it isn't too big of a deal, would you mind signing this for me? I can't figure out how to do it...It's just the mms apk skinned to match swype.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Or do you know an easy way to sign things?
    hey, the stock wallpaper that comes with White Widow, Do you have the image file on your computer? I've got a friend who wants it on his Backflip
    well if you can tell me how to send .apk files i would be glad to send you the droid and nexus 2.1 news and weather genie apk... If you could customize it by making it all white instead of black that would be sickkk. let me know how to post the .apk and i will bust it out for you
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