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  • Oh Golly! I didn't realize I had a PM! So sorry to keep you waiting.

    As I exported with vcard/vcf, I found everything came over *very* easily. But, I imported into Gmail contacts.

    And for me, that's where the difference was.

    Google is very smart and consequently read all my contact field names before putting the data in. So for the contacts *with* birthdays and the like, the birthday data was in place. But for the name-address-phone number-email folk, they didn't even have a birthday data field.

    But at this point, you're probably all done!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I did a vCard contacts migration to gmail too, but it has really messed things up. Any particular insigts?

    I went from PalmDesktop 4.2, and exported a category at a time. I'm in the act of installing an older version of PalmDesktop onto another computer of mine and trying an export fom it with a Java app called "Palmreader". Many of my contacts have notes entered in the "Custom 1, 2, 3, and 4" fields. Those go back to pre-Treo days, but even after the "Note" feature was added I still used the "Custom" fields sometimes.
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