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  • Hmmm well try doing one of those apps 'root explorer' or 'es file manager's to remove dalvik it always works remember to go into settings of those app to click on root permissions ?
    I was able to get the bobzhome cm7.2 back onto my phone but the ones that are on playfuldroidz won't work for me it keeps saying installation aborted. I did everything right that was on that website and still had the problem. I got the gapps back on. I didn't do the MMS fix though, my phone doesn't have service it's WIFI only so I use GV or textfree and they both worked fine.

    so far no problem downloading from market. I'm gonna be restoring my apps back so we'll see how far I get ;)
    what app do you recommend to backup my apps? I know you said titanium back up takes up a lot of space so I'm all about saving space :D
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