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  • Hi there, your string about high end 4" screen phones is taking on a life of its own. Womdering if you could add a poll to your discussion asking wjo would buy 4" or less, 4" or more, etc... Seens a debate evolved aroumd that part of the discussion.

    Thanks for the info. I am starting to like the larger screen on the X too. But I still plan to keep my Inc until I can get a verizon 4g android with video conf capabilities like the evo.

    I am not sure what you meant. The Incredible and X have the same speed GPU.

    -Incredible: 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD8650 with a Core-embedded GPU (AMD Z430)
    -X: 1 GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 with a dedicated PowerVR GPU.

    Am I missing something?
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