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  • heeey ! thank's for reading . well i'm in risk of getting "spy text" on my phone , well not spy text but i think "SIM RECOVERY" , haha . sucks right ? well what's an easy , NO VIRUS , NO DOWNLOAD , way of deleting my texts . i've been told pressing "delete" on my phone , doesn't do much . does factory data reset help ? AAAHH ! :eek: i'm scared , haha . help please ? !
    Hi kabbie_mcfeely,

    sorry to disturb you just i am new around here and i was not sure if i should open a topic or not to ask something. You seem like you know very well android phones and i have a small issue.

    The sounds that are available for setting them as reminder sounds are very "short" and the reminder is not repeating. You just have the a notification on the bar after the sound goes off and thats it. I tried to copy paste (through the astro file browser) an mp3, long enough, in the directory of the sounds notifications in the Rom memory but i cannot. Seems like i cannot delete or move anything from the internal memory.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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