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    So first of all LOVE THE CONTACT NAME Tech N9ne is the shit anyways I have a hero and I wanted to know how to decrease my awake time please let me know.
    Thanks for all the info on the batt. issue w/ the HTC Hero a while back. I figured out my problem by something that you led me to. Something that all the people that were reporting anything less than 100% were not getting, and were obviously pretty stupid...they actually contributed to my confusion in the beginning but i finally figured it out after a day or thanks.
    what up, i got the sprint htc hero (in the US) and my boy installed chompsms but i didnt want it so i uninstalled it now i cant recieve any text messages. i can send them and i can make and recieve phone calls. i reinstalled it and still nothing...any suggestions
    I read the post about fixing the battery life with the sprint hero. then decided to install handcent.

    Problem is, now when I get a text, it displays both programs, two notifications, and two ringers, (very annoying)

    I tirid going to settings>aplications>messages, and hitting the reset defaults/ ive aslo chose the handcent program to be default, reset the phone and also tried using appkiller to shut it off, but nothing seems to get rid of the factory sms program from starting up, and sending me notifications when I get texts.

    Have you come across this, or have any solutions to my issue.

    thanks in advance!
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