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  • How many times must I try to flash my note to get Superuser going. I am using the signed zip referenced in ICS Stock Root and Candy!. So far I am just over 30 tries
    I am trying to enable 3G-4G speeds on ATT Note using TMobile sim.
    Please help me with this, I am stuck halfway thru this procedure and don't know how to proceed. Can someone please write a detailed summary of how to:

    1. Using CMW, flash your modem of choice from the following:

    - Telus Kj3 - Telus_SGH-T989D_Kj3_radio_ATTNOTE.zip
    - T-mobile SGH-T989 KID - Tmo_SGH-T989_KID_radio_ATTNOTE.zip
    - T-mobile SGH-T989 VKL1 - Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE.zip

    I downloaded the T989_KID zip and after extracting I have 4 files. One is META-INF, one is system, one amss.bin and the last one is mdm.bin, is this last one what I am to flash??
    Do I transfer mdm.bin to SD card and then do the CMW Recovery thing and flash it?? Flashing means to install it??? Somebody please, please help.
    Unless you are on a custom ROM that has SpareParts, what I would do is Download Titanium Backup ROOT and it will list all of the packages installed, you can then remove them from that app.

    Better this way than manual (unless you really know what you are doing) so it removes it for good and correctly. :D
    hey.. sorry, i was reading a response about rooting a vibrant... i rooted it and stuff and u got the supressor icon on my apps screen.. now i was wondering how do i remove the unwanted apps such as Slacker, Amazon MP3, GoGo... etc...
    if there is a link to it it would be helpful if not could you explain breiefly?
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