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  • Sorry, I never saw this message until today. It didn't appear in my inbox until I logged in on my phone. If you are still having questions feel free to contact me again or don't be afraid to post in that old thread you found. Its good to have discussions publicly so that if anyone else has a similar problem they can find it.
    Hi Tim.

    I am sorry to bother you but the post

    I was going to post in was over a year or so ago

    my question is about a calendar which you seem to know a lot about .

    I've known for some time now because I have have Android phones for a while that I should use my Google Calendar setting in all of the calendars, the phone one, Jorge etc. but I have always seen the calendar called my calendar. I've never used it but now there is something has come up that I need to use it for how do i sync everything from the Google Calendar to my calendar whatever it is if you can explain that also I would be very grateful

    any time spent helping me would be very much appreciated

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