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  • Hello UBRocked. you seem to be a very knowledgeable person. i am in dire need of assistance.

    Okay, so I got me a Galaxy Y about a week ago, and bought a titanium backup Pro. I rooted my phone to uninstall google talk and social hub, But i accidentally removed the calendar. when i use titanium backup the restore doesnt progress. something like a box appears saying restoring app calendar 2.3.6 and a circle spinning on and on, i waited for about an hour, tried googling the problem.

    so far i got solutions saying to change the App processing mode to auto,indirect. but still no result.

    anyone please help, i know its not a big deal but it is for me. answers would be much appreciated.

    by the way i did not flush it with roms or anything. just rooted it installed Titaniumbackup, chainfire, root uninstaller and adfree.
    hi there ubrocked
    you seem to know what your talking about....
    im looking to buy a tablet, im 18 i mainly want it for movies/tv series, bit of gaming and just general use. maybe surf the net instead of using my home computer i dont have a big price range but i was hoping you could help me find one?.. i too looked at the A1CS X220 can you tell me if its any good?
    i just want something fast on the net and a good screen to watch movies on with a big memory space
    Hi! Can you give me some help with the Huawei Ascend forum please? Someone moved our Step by Step Guide to Rooting the Huawei Ascend out of the main forum to 'all things root'. This would be fine for later but for now the Ascend is still so new we really need it back in the main Huawei Ascend forum. It's causing all kinds of new threads to pop up and lots of mis-information all over the place.

    Can you contact me please?

    Thanks so much!

    Haha, thanks! Someone posted it in a thread when the flash conversations had just begun to start. The first day we had froyo (the first leak) up and running...I changed my avatar :)
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