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  • What is the "true" return/exchange policy for Costco? Is it 14 or 90 days? Do you think some will honor the 90 day return for exchanges? Just wondering because it would suck for someone to buy the Razr Maxx and the Razr Maxx HD come out a month later.
    Hi Yankee!
    I bought my Bionic using the Costco American Express. I know that doing that doubles the manufacturers warranty. I thought it also doubled the 90 day return period, but my Costco told me no. By Bionic is almost 6 months old, and the speaker for the ear piece sounds terrible now. I would rather not get a refurbished phone from Verizon if I can swap it for a new one at Costco. Was I given the correct information regarding the American Express Card purchases? Thanks! Rick
    Hey Yankee, can you check the PM I sent you? Time is of the essence! Sorry :-(
    hey mate you commented on my thread the motorola wifi one, I replied back it is the Milestone and im for sure it is, do you know in any way how i can get 3G back or if you know how?
    Thanks alot mate =]
    hey will u help me???i have xperia x8...i wanna root my phone so that i can send my apps to sd card..i have partitioned my sd card but not able to root it...plzzzzz help me how to do it????
    Was reading through the foum topic on LFY 1.71 and you said "It's stuck in negative mode and I can't change it. Yanno how you swipe from the left side and you can change the settings? I can't. They're not in menu, either."

    I wanted to point out to u that in this version you no longer swipe the menu out from the side to get to the settings. If u have the camera app open, on the screen where u see waht teh camera sees there are 5 little icons. When you tap on those icons you can get into the settings, like flash, exposure, zoom, balance, and the like. The only thing is that i dont see a option for negative, but maybe if u fool around with the settings u can get it to work
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