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  1. J

    Help Wipe Music data

    How can I wipe all of the data from the Music app? I'd like to remove all the playlists and have it rescan the Music directory.
  2. J

    Photos from your HTC Inspire

    Hello, I was inspired by a similar thread over at XDA. The premise is simple, post pictures you've taken with your HTC Inspire! :) I'll get things started! The first is at the confluence of the Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The second is Fin Dome in Kings Canyon National Park.
  3. J

    Help Reset Password Memory in Internet

    Hello, I told Internet app not to remember a password for a particular website. How can I reset it for just that one site so that I'm prompted in the future and can have it remember it? Thanks!
  4. J

    Root Extract data from a nandroid

    Okay heres the thing... I have but one app that didn't quite go right, FuelLog. I didn't export the data before I wiped and installed Android Revolution, so I'm missing about two months worth of fill ups. I realize I could rewipe, reinstall the old backup, export the data, rewipe again and...
  5. J

    Root Just rooted, a few questions

    Hello, I just rooted using Ace HK. Super nice and very easy to use. I especially liked that I didn't loose all my settings and what not. I do have a few questions. Can I remove Busybox Installer after I install it? Is it possible to 'dual-boot'? I'd like to try a few ROMs before I choose one...
  6. J

    Help New Frequent Menu

    Hi, How do I remove apps from the new 'Frequent' menu? Or is it possible to just completely remove the Frequent menu all together?
  7. J

    Help Default sounds are missing

    Hello, All of my default sounds are missing. They only sounds I have are the ones that have been downloaded from HTC Hub, those appear on the SD card. I don't think I did anything to remove them. I've tried the restart and the battery pull trick, no luck. I have them on my old Inspire, anyway I...
  8. J

    Help Internal Memory is full

    Hello, I have this phone, but I cannot figure out how to free up any internal memory. It's currently at 4 mb free, which isn't even enough to play music. I have every app that can possibly be moved already on the SD card, the rest are 'system' apps that cannot be moved. I've cleared all the...
  9. J

    Help Widget Update Issue

    Anyone else having issues with the HTC Widget, "Today in History"? It stopped downloading any content.
  10. J

    Agile Lock and Lock Screen

    Hello, I'm trying out Agile Lock. It's a replacement lock screen that mimics the Sense 3.0 version. So far, it's pretty neat. My question is, can I disable the default lock screen? Agile comes up second, only after the default lock screen is unlocked, thus rendering it mostly useless. Thanks...
  11. J

    Help Screen Replacement

    Long story short, my screen is completely shattered. :mad: Everything thing still works :D, but now I'm going to need a replacement. I've found a few sites online that offer them, but I was hoping someone here could point me to a screen replacement site that they've had success with... :cool...
  12. J

    Help Phone Sensor

    Hello, The sensor that detects when the phone is near your ear seems to have stopped working, at all. I noticed a while ago that the screen wasn't dimming when I was on the phone and sure enough, no matter what I do, I can't get it work. Even holding my entire hand over it does nothing. I'm...
  13. J

    Last Unlock App

    I'm looking for an app that will tell me the time when the phone was last unlocked. Any ideas?
  14. J

    Help Can't Sync Picasa

    Hello, I can't seem to get Picasa to sync with Gallery. It's selected in Settings > Accounts > Gmail, but when I go to gallery, it prompts me to add an account. If I try to manually add it, it says the account already exists.
  15. J

    Help Turn off anything non-essential

    Hello, I'm planning a pretty extensive backcountry hike in the next few days and I think I'm going to ditch my GPS/Camera for the Droid. I found this Goal 0 Nomad solar charger that seems to work pretty good for charging... I think I may have a shot at a permanent replacement. That leads to me...
  16. J

    Help Ampache/JustPlayer

    Hello, JustPlayer works great for streaming my entire music library with Ampache. However, is there a way in JP or a different Ampache app that will allow me to download the song directly to my SD card rather than stream it?
  17. J

    Help Custom vibration app?

    Is there an app to set custom vibrations? I'd like phone calls to buzz, email to buzz buzz, and sms to buzzzzzzzz. ;)
  18. J

    Help Set Mailboxes in HTC Mail App

    How can I change the mailboxes on in the HTC mail app? I want Sent mail to go to IMAP/Sent and instead it's going to Device/Sent. Same thing with Trash and Drafts. These should be stored on the server for an IMAP client, not the on the device.
  19. J

    Help Change Vibration Settings

    Hello, How can I change the vibration settings to only vibrate once when I get an email. It seems to have a persistent vibrate, so that even just one email will continually vibrate the phone throughout the evening. Once is plenty for me.
  20. J

    HTC's Friends/Favorites Widget

    Hello, Is there a free widget similar to HTC's friends/favorites? As it's HTC, it's not available in any of the other launchers. Perhaps I should also ask, is there a way to use HTC's friends/favorites widget with other launchers?
  21. J

    Help "Favorites" or "People" widget

    Not sure what the widget is called... Adding it is called "People", but it shows up on the screen as "Favorites".... Either way, Facebook doesn't seem to updating. Vmails, txts and missed calls are all spot on. Facebook profile picture is updated correctly. However, FB status is often days out...
  22. J

    Playlist and Alternative Players

    Hi, I understand that playlists for the HTC player are hidden. Is there anyway to retrieve those playlists? Also, will alternative players like Winamp or Cubed allow me to create regular playlists? Here's why I ask --> My car sees the SD card as a Media Device and thus gives me all my tunes...
  23. J

    Help Remapping buttons/Changing default view

    Hello, I'd prefer it if my phone would show contacts beneath the number pad, as opposed to the history. Is there anyway to accomplish that? If not, I'd like to remap the history button on the lower right to bring up contacts, as opposed to history. Personally, it makes no sense to me why both...
  24. J

    Facebook for htc sense vs facebook

    What is the difference between Facebook for HTC Sense and just Facebook? I can't seem to find the 'for Sense' app, but it appears all over the place. Do I need both? What functionality do each provide?
  25. J

    FlyScreen settings won't set

    Hello, I'm using FlyScreen rather then the default lock screen. So far, I love it. However, I have two settings that won't 'set'. 1) Turning off the secondary lock. 2) Turning on the option to have the media player on the top screen if it's playing. Both settings get checked in the setting of...