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    Help Syncing Photos to Gallary

    Just got the Moto X 2nd Gen Pure Ed. last night. I can't seem to get my Facebook photos or my Picassa photos to sync to the gallery. Picassa syncs to the Photos app, but not the gallery. Under my google account settings, I have Google+ Photos checked to sync, but there are no other obvious photo...
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    Where to Buy Unlocked Canadian Phones?

    So I am on AT&T here in the US, but I know that Rogers in Canada (and at least one other Canadian carrier, right?) uses the same 3G bands of 850/1900. I also see that Canada gets some phones the US doesn't, or at least AT&T doesn't (and I can't really switch carriers). Is there a good source...
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    Help Disable the Exchange Lock Screen?

    I have an exchange account through my employer that requires the lock screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this on my Galaxy S (Captivate) similar to the Lockpicker app for Sense?
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    Has anyone ever used the return period?

    Has anyone ever canceled their contract within the 30 day return period T-Mobile offers? Are there any hidden catches? My contract ends this month and I get terrible service at home, but the customer rep swore it was probably because my old phone was only 2G and my home gets "excellent" 3G...