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    Help Moto Weather widget

    Is anyone else's Motorola weather widget not working? it wasn't updating so i i put it in the trash and have tried to add it again but when i click add city it says cant add city try again later...... is there a problem Motorola side???
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    HSPA+ speeds so far

    What is everyone getting for speed test? Are you getting true HSPA+ speed or is everyone getting good old 3G speeds?
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    Yea AT&T got something right!!

    ATT has made ALL docs ( laptop HD , and car docs) an accesorie so anyone with corporate discounts can get there discount!!!! AT&T finally got something right in this whole Attix thing.... To bad tethering isn't part of any discount plan!
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    Atrix unboxing?

    What is the time frame for reviews to start getting the phone to do unboxings and reviews?
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    Atrix or ...

    I want to know what every one else is doing now that the prices have been revealed. I love everything the atrix offers as far as rom ram and everything else but I was very interested in the doc. Now that the doc is out (price and teathering) I am not sure what to get. The atrix is better than...
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    March 6th Release - Feb 13th pre-sale.

    JUST IN per wall street journal 10 min ago AT&T will start selling motorola atrix on March 6th with pre sale beginning Feb 13!!!!!! HOLLY SHIT and they are reporting the laptop dock at $499