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    Why all the different S2 forums?

    One for each US carrier plus a catch-all for everyone else? Come on androidforums - people say android is fragmented, no need to reflect this accusation in the forums. Why split into all the little forums, I can't see what useful purpose this serves anyone? Why not use the prefix/subforums?
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    Any suggestions for a tasks app that syncs to multiple Google accounts?

    Does anyone know of any apps that can sync to multiple Google Task accounts and has some form of widget? I've only come across one (Google Tasks Organizer/Light) which claims to do this, but unfortunately the sync on that app appears to be a bit broken so it doesn't actually work and is pretty...
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    No data signal on Desire

    My Desire has started acting strangely today. Wifi works OK, phone signal works OK, what doesn't seem to work all of a sudden is the data signal. Any data signal, 3G, HDSPA or even GPRS - there is no icon in the notification bar and no access to the mobile internet. I've tried: * rebooting my...
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    Root Restoring email account setting

    I've recently done a wipe while updating Defrost ROM. Using Titanium backup I've managed to restore the vast majority of my previous settings. One thing that hasn't seemed to come across though is my email account settings in K9 (3 accounts). Does anyone know if these should have been backed...
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    No more Skype on fring. Alternative clients?

    It looks like Skype and fring have had a massive falling out culminating in Skype no longer being available on fring. The other well known Skype client is Nimbuzz, but looking at reviews in the market out does not appear to be that good with missed calls etc. Are there any other Skype clients...
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    Help Contact sync problem: some contacts are being merged into one

    I've just noticed on my phone that one of my contacts had disappeared. On close inspection, it hasn't disappeared as such, rather it has been merged into another contact (which was under a different name which has now disappeared). So to be clear, if I had a Mr X and a Miss Y contact, I now...
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    Google Goggles in the UK

    Google Goggles is great apart from one thing.... The search seems to stem from google.com and so gives dollar comparison on price searches. Anyone fot any idea how to switch it to google.co.uk (for example) to give price searches in something more relevant to people in the UK? Pretty...