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    Null object reference in coder: Geocoder = Geocoder(context)

    Hii i have a doubt in maps fragment. i have 8 markers to display in maps. i have done it like this. This code is working perfectly fine. but i want to implement MVVM in this and i want keep all the location addresses in array list . when i have done that am getting null object reference in...
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    How to implement bottom navigation and tabs simultaniously.

    Hi guys can anyone help me with this. please give me an idea to implement this . as shown in figure i have 2 tabs and 5 bottom navigation menu items . Now for each menu item there are different tab1 and tab2 contents. how to connect both. please give me any simple ideas
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    what we to troubleshoot the app if there is an issue.

    Hi guys what will be the answer for this Question List the features of app 1. Crashlytics 2. Google Analytics 3.>> What we have to troubleshoot the app if any issue.
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    How to increase image quality in android camera2 api

    Hi guys, in my app i have added custom camera using camera2, but the captured image is of 300kb and 240 X 320 resolution. and looks blurry. How can i increase quality of image?
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    Back camera and flash is not working.

    Hi can any one help me with camera. Am trying to create custom camera with three buttons capture, switch camera , and flash . when i capture image the image should display in Display.class and save to phone. but when i use back camera blank page is diaplaying and when i use front camera image...
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    How to add random text to splash screen

    Hi guys can anyone please tell me how to add random text on the splash image in the splash screen.the text on the image should change every time the app opens.How to do that guys,i got till adding text to splash image.but how to add random text which will change every time the app opens.
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    How to store image captured from camera to internal storage of our phone.

    Hi Can you please tell me how to save image in phone internal storage. means if the phone has no SDcard how to store the image? this is my code but image is saving in external storage. ContextWrapper cw= new ContextWrapper( getApplicationContext() ); File directory = cw.getDir(...
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    How to access one onclick method for 2 buttons which are in two different activities?

    Hi guys can anyone please clear my doubt. i have 2 activities. activity 1 and activity 2. and each activity has a button. Now my doubt is i want to access a onclick method written for button which is in activity 1 for the button which is in activity 2. in the whole i want to access same onclick...
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    Getting could'nt load image error while trying to crop image in my app.

    Hi guys please help me with this. i want to crop image which is captured from camera and save it to memory. but am getting could'nt load image error. can anyone please check this code and give me an idea where am going wrong. private void launchcamera() { Intent intent = new Intent(...
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    Why Image is becoming blur when i try to display in image view

    Hi can anyone please clear my doubt. am trying to display an image which is captured from camera in imageview which is in 2nd activity. but image quality is becoming very poor. an anyone tell me why is that and how to resolve it. This is my code please see Activity 1 (MainActivity)...
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    How to compress an image without loosing its quality

    Hi guys am trying to compress an image without loosing its quality. now with my code image is compressing from 60KB to 3KB . but the quality is really bad how to fix this. this is my code please see and help me. i want to capture an image compress it , send it to next activity and display it in...
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    How to upload JSON Data and Image to php server Sucessfully

    Hi am Fresher in android . am creating a app which i need to upload captured image and JSON data which i got from QRcode to PHP server. But am getting Secret_key not matched message when i debug. I Checked API from postman the server is responding with the file path which i uploaded. but from...