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    Control Android Volume Levels on a Per-App Basis ?

    Is there any app that allows to control volume levels on a per app basis? Sometimes I'm listening to music spotify and want to use Instagram with zero sound (while viewing videos there) or play a game with volume muted but currently not able to do so. I have a rooted Oneplus 9RT running...
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    Contacts not getting synced

    I'm using OnePlus 9RT 5G running Oxygen OS 11.3 and Android 11. Today I tried to sync contacts from my gmail but I am unable to sync contacts from my gmail account. Here's what I tried to troubleshoot but it didn't resolve the issue. 1. Clearing data of contacts app. 2. Restarting my phone...
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    Backup and restore Google clock alarm data?

    I have always used Titanium backup to backup and restore app data. It has worked for almost all the apps. One app for which it doesn't work is Google clock. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.deskclock&hl=en_IN&gl=US I have lots of alarms. Some go off on a weekly...
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    Customized ringtones for calendar events?

    Is there any method in Google calendar which allows customized ringtones for different events? If not, any other calendar app which syncs with Google Calendar and allows to do that?
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    Issue with call recording

    I am rooted via Magisk in my OnePlus 5T running stock Oxygen OS 10.0.1 I cannot enable call recording. I cannot access the stock OnePlus call recorder app. When I press the record button during the call, it works. After the call end and I check my recording, it is a blank recording. i.e. there...
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    Adaway causing trouble in amazon app

    I am rooted via Magisk in my oneplus 5T running stock oxygen OS 10 I am using adaway 5.1.0. It is causing issues in usage of Amazon shopping app. I copied the following urls in a text file and added it to my host sources for adaway and chose 'apply allowed hosts'. But I'm still facing problems...
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    App for Sliding gesture in screen off mode for volume control?

    Is there any app or xposed module that allows finger slide gesture in screen off mode to control the volume?
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    Contacts and phone app lag

    I'm running stock OS, Android 7.1.1. My device is rooted. I'm facing a problem with the contacts and phone app. I get a lag of 10-15 seconds in phone call app and contacts app.I've tried clearing the cache of default phone call app and contacts app but this issue goes away for 3-4 minutes and...
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    Blocking malicious redirects

    I'm using oneplus 5T with stock oxygen OS, and android 7.1.1. I have rooted it and installed Adaway as well. I am also using the xposed module ad blocker reborn. Browsing internet(Chrome and Firefox) on my phone has become a headache now. Every second website I open, generates a popup saying...
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    Keeping rooted phone secure and healthy

    In the past I have used phones namely Micromax A110Q, Lenovo A700 and Redmi-4A. I rooted all of them and used to install xposed framework and apps taken from sources outside play-store. The places from where those apps were installed were torrents, app sharing forums. I didn’t use any random...
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    Moving from usual root to systemless root

    I rooted my Redmi-4A phone by flashing the supersu zip file from TWRP recovery. I installed xposed framework by letting the xposed app automatically download a suitable version for me. I recently came to know about systemless xposed and systemless root. What should I do now to get system...
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    Unable to block advertisements

    I have Redmi-4A. My phone is rooted and I'm running MIUI Global 8.5.7 ROM. Yesterday I did a fastboot install of this rom because I ran into a bootloop. Everything is working fine now. The trouble is that Adaway application is not blocking my advertisements. I updated the hosts and rebooted...
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    Moving whatsapp to external storage in REDMI-4A

    I have redmi-4A phone running MIUI Global 8.2 | Stable (MCCMIDL). My whatsapp folder has become 1.4 GB in size and is currently located on internal storage card. I want to move whatsapp to external storage in order to free up space on the internal storage. What should be done to do this...
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    Moving whatsapp to external storage in REDMI-4A

    I have redmi-4A phone running MIUI Global 8.2 | Stable (MCCMIDL). My whatsapp folder has become 1.4 GB in size and is currently located on internal storage card. I want to move whatsapp to external storage in order to free up space on the internal storage. What should be done to do this...
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    Help error code 70 while flashing gapps from twrp

    I recently flashed the 16 september release build of mokee rom for my redminote 4g. all went well However I am trying to install pico version of gapps and I'm getting insufficient storage error - code 70 . Here is the log. Please help me # Begin Open GApps Install Log...
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    Microsd card write protected-Facebook is a suspect

    My phone is rooted. I am using Lenovo A7000 phone with AOSP 6.0 by Risma Ermaya. I have formatted my SD card as internal storage using the default feature of marshmallow. Few months back, I started facing the issue of Facebook and Messenger updates. Whenever I used to update my facebook or...
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    Help Required - screen lock password recovery

    I have a redminote 4g phone with all the updates. I don'trecall if the most recent update is installed or not. But second last update isprobably installed. I have forgotten my screen lock password option. It was anumeric PIN My phone is not rooted and I have also not enabled USB debugging...
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    Blocking ads in musixmatch

    My phone is rooted. I have installed adaway application to block ads. It works well for all apps but doesn't block ads in musixmatch. I tried adblocker app and adfree too but they didn't block ads in musixmatch either. I tried blocking ads in my device using lucky patcher but that also...
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    Help Connecting to WEP secured wifi connections efficiently?

    My workplace uses WEP encryption for its wifi network. Unfortunately, my phone's wifi frequently disconnects if I'm connected to wifi with WEP security. However, its network connection works perfectly if it's connected to wifi having any other type of security like WPA or WPA2. How can...
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    Help wifi keeps switching off and on

    I am using AOSP Marshmallow beta 2 AOSP ROM on my Lenovo A7000 phone. Since then my wifi keeps getting switched off by itself and turns back on. I also checked in my advanced wifi settings that my wifi is kept on during sleep and it was enabled. What should I do to fix this problem?
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    Help android settings menu not working as expected

    Today, I installed marshmallow aosp beta 2 on my lenovo a7000 phone. Ever since, my settings menu i.e. the context menu that opens on pressing the context menu button on the phone does not open settings or context menu. It just shows up the recently opened application windows. How to fix it? My...
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    [Q] Xinternal SD not working

    I recently installed "xinternal SD" application (of xposed module) on my rooted lenovo a7000 (lollipop 5.0) phone to get my whatsapp messages and media on my SD card, but unfortunately , I can't get it to work. I mean, it's not doing its job. My external sd card is named as "sdcard1" So i...
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    Help [Q] how to rename external SD Card

    I recently installed stock marshmallow ROM on my Lenovo A7000 phone via SP flash tools. Earlier I was running custom ROM AOSP Lollipop earlier on this device. But unfortunately, this ROM has renamed my external microSD card from "sdcard1" to "3037-6433". This is causing me real trouble as...
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    ShareIt application crash

    I recently installed AOSP custom ROM on my Lenovo A7000. Interestingly, none of the previous installed apps were removed when I installed this ROM. ShareIt app was also one of them. But unfortunately after installation of this ROM my ShareIt app crashes the moment it starts up. I uninstalled...
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    Musixmatch app misbehave

    My musixmatch app is not showing up properly in notification bar. The buttons come as blackened. However, they are functioning correctly. I am using Lollipop AOSP custom ROM on Lenovo A7000. See the screenshot. I tried uninstalling and re-install too