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    Wich vcard version has Android 7.1.1

    Hello, I'm trying to import my old contacts and want to do this via vcard on an sd-card. I don't want to do it with any cloud solution. Therefore a few questions: 1. Is it possible to import a vcf-file with more than one contact in it ? Thunderbird exports the whole adressbook and it would be...
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    Help Can't figure out, if the used bought G4Play is associated with an Emailaccount

    Hello, I bought two used Motorola Moto G4Play with XT1602 modem. My plan is to have one with postmarketOS and one with regular Android 7.1.1 installed to compare and get out, if postmarketOS is a OS I can use. As being a Blackberry User, I could not imagine, how much Android depends on a...