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    Help RING app notification tones disappear

    I thought I'd share a recent experience with the RING app that was resolved with RING tech support. The audible notification tones included with the RING app just disappeared on my Samsung Note 9. When you download and install the RING app the audible notification tones get stored internally...
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    Help Facebook Push Notifications Not Working

    Sometime during the final week of June 2022 I stopped receiving Facebook push notifications on BOTH my android devices, being Samsung Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 I know the first questions will be, have you checked Facebook acount settings, device notifications settings, blah, blah, blah...
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    Moto Z Force Droid, FoxFi and Verizon Wireless

    I have a Moto Z Force Droid that I purchased from Verizon Wireless on 11/25/2016 I have been a user of FoxFi and as we all know, that software no longer works. I have Android 7.0 Has anyone found a work around? Has anyone found an alternative app that will work with this phone/provider...
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    Help Custom ringtones for contacts - not just phone calls

    Greetings all One of the things I miss from my BlackBerry was the ability to set a ringtone for each contact FOR ALL MESSAGING AND SOCIAL MEDIA. For example say I customized a contact named "Jim" who is a very good friend. Now whenever Jim calls me, sends me a text, sends me a tweet or...