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    Root [Virgin Mobile] New modem for better reception?

    Something I've never really understood is how modems work. I recently moved to the Boston area, and according to VM's coverage map, I should have LTE all the time. However, my phone struggles to even connect to the network. If I flash a newer/different modem, is there a possibility that I'll...
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Recovering files from internal?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for recovering files from internal storage? I had a bunch of photos there, which got deleted when I flashed CM. I checked out [GUIDE] Internal Memory Data Recovery - Yes We Can! - xda-developers but I'm getting abd errors. I've also tried some apps from the...
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    Root Reverb bootloop after nandroid

    Hi guys. My girlfriends Reverb is stuck in a bootloop. She's always complaining that it's slow, so this morning I convinced her to let me flash a custom rom (Partytime.) I had her turn it off, then rebooted into recovery so I could nandroid. CWM failed to create it, so I flashed TWRP, which...
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Voicemail app?nyone

    Anyone have the VM voicemail apk? Any time I dial my number to check my voicemail, I get asked for my passcode. Problem is, I don't know it. I don't remember ever setting a voicemail code on this phone, and I never had a problem before. So, voicemail apk, please?
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] MK5 modem on MG2

    Can I flash an MK5 modem on MG2? I'm on Carbon 4.3, and I'm having some trouble sending/receiving MMS. I know in the CM 10.2 thread, a lot of users reported success with the MK5 modem+Hangouts+Mopeds fix, so I'd like to do the same if possible.
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Jellybam-Remove weather widget from lockscreen

    Anyone using Jellybam? I want to remove the weather widget from the lockscreen, but I can't figure out how to do so. Nothing in the lockscreen section of Bam settings has any effect on the widget, and long+pressing/dragging to delete seems to work, but then the widget is back the next time I see...
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    Root Time for a new phone

    Its time for me to move on. I love this phone, but my battery is shot, and the phone itself has some damage from where I've accidentally dropped it. Before I move on, I want to get some opinions on which phone I should get. I've been looking at the Optimus F3, the Galaxy Victory, and of...
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    Root Best recovery?

    Hi everyone. My girlfriend finally took the plunge and got a smartphone. Now I'm trying to convince her to switch to a custom ROM, probably martinez's Super Helado. I've had several different android phones, so I'm no stranger to rooting, recoveries, ROMs and the like. But, I've never used a...