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    Completely Stuck in Android Upgrading loop

    I was given an LG 7.0 tablet today, which I figured I could use at my live shows for credit card processing instead of handing ppl my phone. I plugged it into the car charger & turned it on & set it in the passenger seat. I noticed it said something about Android, but was driving, so paid it no...
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    Financisto App

    I've been using this expense/budget app for years. I noticed I was getting back-up errors re drop box, which I don't usually use, so I went poking around to see what was going on. It wouldn't back up to Google Drive or Drop Box, so I went to Play Store to get an email address to contact the...
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    Help Slow Charging Use Original Charger...etc.

    I've just started getting this message on my Verizon Note 3. I have two OEM wires/wall chargers, plus one for the vehicle. They ALL do it. Then sometimes, it just disconnects itself from charging at all. Makes a little bzzzz and shuts charging down. I've been reading about using a code...
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    Can I use a Sprint Sierra Aircard with an Android tablet?

    I put this here because I had no idea where else to post it... Ok..I don't know enough to even know if that's a stupid question. Here's my issue... I'm grandfathered in to an "unlimited" data plan on my Sierra aircard. I am completely wireless...no cable, satellite, landline, or DSL. I run...
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    Rooted Sprint Hero 2.1...VVM suddenly stopped working?

    Hi everyone... I've been lurking here for months attempting to learn about my phone. I've had my Hero since the day after they were released, and I finally broke down and rooted a few months ago. I got rid of the bloatware and basically that was all I thought I wanted to do...then I read about...