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    Refurbished pulse?

    Hi guys I don't need all the accessories that came in the box, so is it possible to get just the physical phone itself? Has anybody else done this?
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    Help Sync and the T-Mobile Pulse

    Alright, I'm giving up as it's 1030 p.m. And I'm no closer. To give a quick run down, I have everything stored in a google account somewhere. However, I also sync the contact with my Mac, so I've set up 'My Contacts' in gmail, which works great, I get the 18 contacts down. Now though, with...
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    New Review - Techradar

    T-Mobile Pulse review from TechRadar UK's expert reviews of Mobile phones Seems to say only good things about the phone. As with other reviews, they had issues with the Camera, and the others will probably be fixed by firmware updates... Is the camera really that bad? Or just not up to the...