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    What to choose

    Basically I currently have a optimus one phone (LG) which I find myself pretty crappy. Long load times (takes about ten minutes to boot) and just alot of other small things that appear to be lacking. With my provider (Telus) I get these reward points every time I use a $100 pre paid card on it...
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    Apps How to make an app

    I sort of wanted to make a few apps as I have alot of ideas that I'm tired of thinking of and want to put in motion. Are there any developer tools to work with that assist in making an android application or is it all just pure coding? Thanks in advance for any help or replies.
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    What is the best phone with the most internal storage?

    Currently I have a optimus one phone and it barely has any internal space, I have about eighty apps on it that are all moved to the SD card (some of them can't be so those are just left on it) I do use nearly everyone of my apps on a daily - weekly basis. I've sorta wanted to upgrade to a phone...
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    More internal space?

    Is there a way to increase my internal space? I heard from rooting it you can get extra space is that true?...I basically just wish I has a extra 20-30mb for emails and to update apps cause right now I'm full :(
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    Whats a good notepad program

    I'm looking for a notepad app that is free to say write notes on the pc with an account and they'll show up on my android, I found one but it's 99 cents a month, know of any others?
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    How to add stuff to my SD card and how to see what files are on the card?

    I plus my phone into my pc and I don't seem to be able to find the SD card storage, I've tried as a mass storage USB and just normal...Do you guys know how I can find it? Also is there an app that will tell me what files are on my SD card? Thanks.
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    Is there a way to see all my downloads online?

    Is there a way I can see all of the apps and games I've downloaded free/bought I can see on the online version of the market place? I have to reset to default and I want to have an easier way of doing this :)
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    Will this fit in my android?

    Basically with this microSD card fit in my android? Retail Plus 32GB microSDHC CLASS10 Flash Memory Card W/ADAPTER - Retail Plus - RP-MEMS-32C10 It's a 32GB microSDHC and was just wondering if it would work I can't find anything in the manual about replacing it and telus just says if I remove...
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    Do the battery saver APPs really work?

    There's so many of them out there I don't see how it could possibly make a difference...some people post reviews saying they worked wonders for them but I've really just never bothered with it...
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    How much space can my phone hold?

    My owners manual doesn't say anything about replacing the SD card, I was wondering if I could replace it with a bigger one, I was looking at getting a 16GB MicroSD card (I need micro right? My cards tiny) would it work you think?...
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    Does a factory reset delete all my data? (fast please)

    Will a hard reset delete all of my games and apps? If I pull the SD card before the reset will it still do it? I know with alot of games when you move them to the SD card there's still a mb or two on the phone, will that come back after replugging in the card? Thanks
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    Help Problem cannot connect to the market

    I cannot connect to the android market since yesterday evening, my internet is working fine. I can do google searches and such but as soon as I goto the android market my net icon disapears and Telus said I need to contact google about this cause it's not on there end. I've done the...
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    Some Questions (rooting)

    1. Is it possible to root a LG optimus one phone, will it increase my phones default memory by anything if I do this? Also what are the perks to rooting a phone and how hard is it exactly?... 2. Is it possible to get more default storage anyway on my phone at all? I want to dl some apps that...
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    Problem,cannot connect to the market

    I cannot connect to the android market since yesterday evening, my internet is working fine. I can do google searches and such but as soon as I goto the android market my net icon disapears and Telus said I need to contact google about this cause it's not on there end. I've done the following...
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    Space problem

    My phones saying I have no space left which is really impossible, I only have a 300mb data plan per month...I did download two MP3's last night and am sorta thinking that might be the problem but my phones saying I got 1.5GB left of space and I have no clue how to clean the cache and...
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    Possible to upgrade space?

    Is it possible to upgrade from a 2GB SD card to a 4GB SD card? If so can someone suggest me one? Thanks...
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    Are your downloads working today?

    I've tried to download a few things for 10 cents and none of the downloads will start...my phone is working properly but i dunno they just won't start.. Edit: Right now it's saying I don't have enough space but I got 1.48gb left on my SD card...
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    How to remove widgets and change weather

    I want to change some widgets around but I cannot find the option, also I would like to change my default weather to the HD Weather APP cause the default one the closest town to me is 5 hours away and with HD weather (which uses weather bug) has my town in it. So how do I do this? Thanks for any...
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    Best gmail notifier?

    I'm trying to get a notifier for gmail, I tried the "Email notifer" that works with gmail and K-9 but it doesn't seem to run alot or ever alert me, SOMETIMES the google alert works but not always....ever since they introduced those stupid labels stuff sucks on it...
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    problem with ringtones

    Alright another question, how come 95% of my ring tones are not loud? there silent as if someone was talking on the phone...right now i can only get this one annoying tone that screams answer your phone and a family guy fart contest tends to ring randomly...
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    How to put ringtones from a pc on a droid?

    How do you exactly do this? Do I just plugin my droid to my pc and goto my computer and find a "ringtone" folder or something?...or are there any apps to get free ring tones = )?
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    How to downgrade gmail?

    My sound/ring notification app tells me I need to downgrade gmail, how do I go about that?
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    will this phone beep when I get a email?

    I'm looking for a android phone that will alert me of new emails, since I run a business this is vital. I have found this phone that I'm interested in, Telus LG Optimus One Prepaid Smartphone : Telus Prepaid - Future Shop But when I goto the futureshop they tell me they aren't sure and say...
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    Hi, looking for a beeping phone!

    Well I need a phone that will beep when I get a new email in my gmail and hope you guys here at androidforums will help me with that :)