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    Is the Galaxy SII going to be the goto phone in December?

    I thought I had an upgrade in June that I was about to cash in on, but apparently I was mistaken and I can't upgrade until December. Is there any word on a phone better than the Galaxy SII coming out? Or will that still be my best bet this holiday season?
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    How can I check the exact date my upgrade is due?

    As a sprint premier customer how would I check the exact date to see when my 1 year upgrade is? I remember it's sometime in June as I got my palm pre then...I just can't remember when.
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    Need help replacing iTunes

    Is there a program that offers as much functionality as iTunes that would be easier or less troublesome to use? I would not only be using it to listen to music on my computer, but to sync my iPod and phone as well. Anyone have good suggestions?
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    Not receiving texts anymore

    Not sure what's going on. Since Tuesday I haven't been able to receive texts on my Hero, no matter what the messenger program. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Anyone else see this? AT&T Stopped offering iPhone in NY?

    AT&T Customer Service: "New York City Is Not Ready For The iPhone" - The Consumerist Crazy...They've got quite the situation going on, huh? What can they do?
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    Help My Hero refuses to vibrate anymore

    I don't know why. I think I noticed a day or so after it actually started to do it...or not do it, rather. I've checked so many settings...It's set to vibrate in the actual settings. I set it to vibrate in handcent. I even turned on the stock messaging app to see if that would vibrate and...
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    Best video capture settings?

    This is the first phone I've owned with video capture available (LG Rumor, Instinct, Pre) and I notice there are a variety of settings available when it comes to video. One video I had recorded earlier today seemed more choppy with the exact same settings than another I took yesterday, the only...
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    Just made the switch to the hero

    I was on my Palm Pre since a few weeks after it's launch. Just last night I tried taking my defective device (The 3rd one) to my local Sprint store and they said they could do nothing about it since it was the 3rd one, so I had to drive about 40 minutes to a corporate store this morning. They...
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    Android vs Web OS?

    I recently read an article (The Best: Why Palm's WebOS is the best mobile operating system - PhoneDog Cell Phone News & Articles) and it made me rethink my game plan a little bit regarding getting a new phone. Right now I've got a Palm Pre on Sprint and I'm not too happy with it. I'm content...
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    What to do?

    I'm with Sprint right now but thinking of switching to Verizon because they always seem to be involved in talk of big name phones, conversations which I don't hear much from Sprint in. If I switch it would probably be within the next 2 or 3 weeks (Around Christmas/New Year) and I would use the...
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    How's the battery life as an mp3 player?

    I'm looking to get this phone around Christmas time and one really important thing to me (coming from a Palm Pre...LOL) is battery life. I really want my phone to double as an mp3 player so I don't have to carry the two separate objects around, so I'm interested in not only knowing how the...
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    This vs. The palm pre

    Just wondering on what the general opinion was on these two phones. I have a pre and I'm wondering if I made a mistake, haha. Its decent, but nothing more, imo.
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    HTC HD2 vs HTC Dragon

    I'm switching to Verizon sometime around the holidays and I was first looking into the Droid, but I'm hearing all this great news about upcoming phones and I just can't decide. The Droids virtual keyboard surprised me, as I was never a big fan (coming from an Instinct), but the landscape...
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    Any phones with nice, big screens AND a physical keyboard?

    There is the Droid, of course, which I am looking into getting sometime this Christmas, but are there any other plans for a phone rivaling the Droid with the above specifications?
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    Excited to get this phone

    I'm currently on Sprint through my mom's family plan, but, providing my grades for the semester are good enough, she'll switch to Verizon so I can get a Droid. The Pre is decent and all, but I'm just falling in love with the Droid. The screen is absolutely beautiful and it's so fast. One of...