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    Help Unidentified alert (vibration and beep) every 5 minutes

    Every 5 minutes exactly, my Galaxy S9 G960U1 running Android 10 vibrates and then gives me a flat-toned beep lasting about half a second. It's not associated with any notifications, toasts, or changes in status bar icons. It happens even with sounds set to Mute, and with Do not disturb and...
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    Help "Notification sound" list doesn't play the sounds when they're selected

    I'm setting up a new Galaxy S9 running Android 10. When I go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Notification sound, it doesn't play each sound when I select it from the list. If I go to Sounds and vibration > Ringtone, each time I select the radio button next to any item in the list, it...
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    Is it possible to have a rooted Galaxy S8 running Pie on a U.S. network?

    After checking around to make sure Samsung Galaxy S8 can be rooted on Pie, I bought a model SM-G950U phone, but discovered to my dismay that the bootloader on U.S. versions with Snapdragon processors is not unlockable (there is no "OEM unlocking" setting in Developer Options, and none of the...
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    Root [Verizon] ROM flashing using Odin on Galaxy S4 interrupted. Odin is still running. Is there anything I can do?

    I was re-flashing the firmware on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Odin*, and the USB cable was bumped, which made the update fail. I reconnected and attempted to flash again by clicking the Start button. It seemed to be progressing, but Odin's blue progress bar continued from where it had stopped...