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    Start playing Audible?

    I'm completely new to Tasker, but I'm trying to figure something out and wondering if I can't actually do what I want. What I want is for my phone to automatically fire up Audible and start playing when it connects to the bluetooth in my car. I've gotten it most of the way there. The...
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    Root Can't connect to most things?

    I haven't used my Nook in quite some time...like a few months. Today, I charged it up, and I can connect to the web just fine using Dolphin, but I can't connect to the Market or the Amazon App Store or Gmail or Pandora or.... I'm running CM7 if that matters. Any thoughts?
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    Help Can't connect to most things?

    Edit: Dangit. Meant to put this in the root section. Recreating it there.
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    Root Ignore This.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Question is now moot, as I got around my problem.
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    Picasa Sync?

    I just got my Shift a few days ago, and I could've sworn that I saw this option, but now I can't. I can only find a way to sync with Flickr.
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    New Shift Owner

    Hey, folks. I just wanted to say hi. I'm not new to the site, but the wife and I just upgraded to Shifts over the weekend. I'm coming from a Samsung Moment, and I think it's a great improvement. Unfortunately, our phones have the Gingerbread update, so I can't root right now unless I do the...
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    Best Current Sprint Phones?

    My wife and I are Sprint customers and due for an upgrade in about a week. It's so hard to keep up with all of the new Android phones. My wife is a casual user and really likes her physical keyboard. I'm more of a power user, rooting and modding and all that and using my phone more to its...
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    Help Handbrake Settings for Nook?

    Anyone able to tell me the ideal settings for Handbrake to convert video to watch on my Nook Color?
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    Root Information Overload

    I've been largely absent from this forum for about 6 weeks. It started with a week-long training at work which kept me from keeping up. Then, a few days later, Mini-Flu 3.0 was born, and life has been utter chaos since. I have been trying to get caught up here, but there's just too much...
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    Good Weather Radar Widget?

    I'm looking for a weather app that let's me have a radar map widget that I can make relatively big. Currently, I have Weatherbug Elite (thanks, Amazon free app of the day!), but the radar widget can't get very big, and then when you click on it, you're presented with a map that takes up about...
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    Root Anyone use Calibre?

    A friend gave me a bunch of books in ePub format and suggested that I could load them onto my NC with Calibre. Of course, that probably assumes that I have a stock NC. Anyone know what I need to do in order to read all these books on my hacked NC? Calibre thinks that my book is loaded to the...
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    Root Rooted, Phiremod, what next?

    5 days into Nook ownership, and I'm loving it. But, like any power-mad fool, I want more. I've rooted with ManualNooter, and I've loaded Phiremod 6.3. I'm using Zeam launcher, because I like being able to do more than 4x4 icons on the screen. I've got working wifi tether to my phone, which...
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    Root Any success with TetherGPS?

    I tried this last night, but it didn't seem to work right. Note: I was using TetherGPS Lite. I ran it on both my Moment and my Nook, and on the Moment clicked the "Start Server" button, and on the Nook clicked the "Start Client" button. My phone's GPS icon started going, but then nothing ever...
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    Accessories Screen Protector?

    Is the screen protector sold at B&N good? I have a Zagg protector on my phone, and I bought it after a lot of feedback about other protectors being too thick or whatnot. I could get a Zagg for the Nook, but it's $20 and I can't get it until Wednesday. Or, I could run back over to B&N and get...
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    Root Help a Nook Noob

    I just got my NC, and I really want to turn it into something great. With the help of this site, SDX, and XDA, my phone is pretty awesome, and now I want the same for the Nook. There seem to be a lot of options, though. Colchiro has suggested CM7, Phiremod, and not even rooting and having a...
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    Help Swiftkey with 2.2 won't work with physical keyboard?

    Sorry if this is an old question or anything. It's been a long time since I've come around the site, and the search function didn't seem to find anything related to what I wanted to ask about. I recently updated my Moment to Android 2.2 and everything is going well, except for Swiftkey...
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    Gmote with WiFi Tether?

    Can it be done? If I have my PC wifi tethered to my phone, can I somehow use Gmote across that connection?
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    Video player that stores position through reboot?

    When I travel, I like to load some videos onto my phone to watch in the airport and on the plane. I'm using the app "Video Player" to watch. What sucks, though, is that when I have to turn the phone off for take-off and landing, it loses my position, and then when I turn the phone back on...
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    My Picture In Handcent?

    I like how Handcent (and maybe any messaging app?) will show my contacts pictures beside their messages. But for me, it just shows the default blank contact icon. Is there a way to set a picture for myself?
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    What all does JuiceDefender do?

    I downloaded the lite or demo or whatever version, and all it seems to do is disable my "data" most of the time. I wasn't exactly sure what all "data" entailed, but I tried it. Apparently, what it means is that any time I try to surf the web or use any app that goes online, it doesn't work. I...
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    Help What's different in FroYo?

    I haven't been able to keep up with all of my online Android reading lately, so I miss a LOT. However, I did go ahead and load FroYo the other day. I'm not seeing a whole lot that's different from Eclair. Can anyone tell me (or point me to) the big differences?
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    Help Contact Shortcuts

    I like how contact shortcuts are done in Android 2.1, where you click on the contact shortcut and a quick menu showing phone, contact card, SMS and email are shown. I also like how when you click one of those items, you get to choose, for example, Text Home or Text Mobile. What I seem to be...
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    Car Mount?

    Does anyone use a car mount for their Moment? I'd like to get one and looking for recommendations.
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    Help Gallery: There are no items in your collection

    Anyone have any idea what's up with this? My gallery has been working fine, but this morning, nothing shows up, just this message.
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    Help Delayed Handcent Notifications?

    Since updating to 2.1, I've noticed that when I get a text message, the Handcent pop-up appears, and then maybe 5-10 seconds later, I get the notification. This is really annoying mainly because sometimes I've already read the message and replied or closed it, but now I have an annoying...