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    How do you spend your new years?

    Just out this forum up because I thought it may be fun to find out what people are doing and how they rally feel about it. As for me I will be working until nine on the 31st, go home, feed my dog and watch some movies I taped. No special food, or party. But ideally you should be eating...
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    Kim Jyong-Il confirmed dead Dec 19th 2011

    I must say, 2011 has been quite a year! Because I spend half my time in japan and the other half in Australia, it has been an interesting year. I experienced the earthquake in March, Steve Jobs died, and now Kim Jyong Il died too. I don't know how much of an impact this news has in the US...
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    Hello, hello, hello :D

    Accidently came across this forum and decided to join to exchange info about androids. I happen to have an iPhone, iPad and andoid phone, but seems the android id the one with least info out there. So, hope to get to know you guys, and thanks in advance!