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    Delete account

    I have a problem : by mistake I have installed two accounts on my phone (the other one is that of my wife.). Therefore, in Calendar, all appointments are duplicated, and in Gmail I see two accounts. I've tried all methods mentioned by Google but the menu points mentioned don't turn up. My phone...
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    Remove google account

    Hi again. I've tried to do exactly what you suggest, but when I go to Accounts, there's nothing called manage accounts. There's just Users and Accounts (in Danish) a d I can't see the second account
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    Remove google account

    I've got two google accounts on my phone, I want to remove one of them. I've tried the advice given in Google help but it doesn't fit my phone, which is Oneplus Nord 2.
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    Android auto doesn't show up on the car's screen

    I have a OnePlus Nord 2 (android 11) and have been using Android Auto with USB cable to Opel Astra without problems until recently, but now when connecting it shows on the screen and asks to change to android auto, but when I accept it doesn't show anything. In the same car, my wife's Samsung...