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    Whatsapp keeps crashing even after reinstall and factory reset

    Hello all, Wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of this problem. My whatsapp today just started freezing up repeatedly and would not work. I tried all of the go-to solutions online as far as clearing whatsapp cache, hard reboots, checking for software updates (I'm using android 9 and it...
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    Blacklist / Call blocker app that doesn't leave something in your call log?

    All of the blacklist or call blocker apps that I've used seem to work fine as far as blocking the call, but if someone is blocked and calls you it will leave a notification of the blocked/rejected call in your call log. So if you get a lot of telemarketing calls or something it all shows up...
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    Help Small issue with my LTE Verizon unlocked phone while using internationally

    I ordered this Samsung Note 2 LTE Verizon version from USA and had a friend bring it over for me as I am living abroad. I've done this with iphone numerous times and no issues. This time with the Note 2, the phone is working with the local GSM sim card for making/receiving calls and texts...
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    Just switched from iphone to Android -- Can't find a spending app as good... help

    On iphone I was using a spending app called cashtrails that had a few key features I need in my android app: 1) It let me input my transactions in any currency I wanted and be able to convert all of that to view a total USD such as below: 2) It allowed me to click either all of the...