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    Accessories Battery upgrade?

    Hi everyone I currently have a droid eris which I've begun to absolutely abhor. I'm not due for an upgrade but I may be able to score a deal on an Incredible. My only concern is the battery life (which seems to be a nagging issue with today's smartphone). Are there any better replacement...
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    Help Dolphin Browser Bookmark widget

    Is there anyway to have the Dolphin browser bookmarks on the stock bookmark widget? I'd like to add and customize it but don't wanna jump between stock browser and Dolphin.:confused: Searched some other threads and could not find an answer that applied
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    160+ character Texts not working?

    Hey everyone, Having an odd problem here. I'm aware of Verizon's limit on text messaging characters but this is odd. I can send texts going beyond 160 characters but when I receive them, that's when the trouble starts. I'll get the text broken up into 2-3 separate texts, but always followed up...
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    Got the Eris!

    Picked it up Wednesday morning. Have not had a chance to play with it much at all since work's been so crazy. But I have a couple questions if you all would not mind answering or linking me to answers! What's this "Awake" time I keep hearing about? What's a good percentage? Mine, for the most...
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    Another Tiresome Question (That will be helpful though)

    Helpful to me that is:p Ok, I've been checking out these forums for about a month now and have been stoked on Android phones. I currently have a LG enV Touch that is nothing but a hindrance for me. I will be staying on Verizon. I've checked out both the Droid and the Eris and hated the way the...