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  1. J

    Looking for app that will vibrate every 5 minutes when i talk on the phone

    Hey i am looking to cut out my talk time when i am on the phone, Therefor i am looking for an app that will help me understand when i talking of the phone with someone for more than 5 minutes. The optimal app will be an app that send vibrate every 5 minutes when i am in a call. Does someone...
  2. J

    Stop whatsapp App for few hours

    Hey, I am using whatsapp business account and i want to find a way to stop the app from showing notification when i am off work. I was looking for some kind of app the will stop an app for few hours or at set times and then turn it back. I found some apps that restrict me to open the app but...
  3. J

    Help Saved bookmarks are getting deleted from my home screen

    Hey, I have galaxy s4 and i have reinstalled android on my phone using odin. After doing that and restoring everything it seems like i have a problem. I am trying to save website bookmarks shortcuts on my home screen and it seems like after few minute or after reboot they keep getting deleted...