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    Help OTA update to JB?

    Has anyone seen/done this yet? I have a unlocked phone that was purchaced from Carphone Warehouse in the UK.
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    Help Anyone tried the new Calendar on HTC's ICS ROM?

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...droid.calendar Seems it breaks some functionality on some HTC devices Google Calendar update adds new features Any idea if the Desire S with standard HTC ICS ROM is affected?
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    Help Split screen display

    I've noticed larger Android tablets have a split display for things like settings, where there's a vertically scrolling menu or options on the left side and the settings for that option on the right (like with iPads). The N7 doesn't do this by default. If I go into settings I just get a list...
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    Calendar integration with Google Apps

    I believe I can register multiple Apps domains on the phone at the same time, and Calendar integration works only for the first - so far so good... But on the Google web interface I can have multiple 'externally published' (in the same domain from another email address, or public calendars)...