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    Help i337/KK4.4.4 email battery issue

    My stock i337 with KK4.4.4 recently started having battery issues. Email shows to be the main culprit draining the battery (using GSAM). I've cleared the cache partition, and still see the same issue. Historically, I've never seen email be at the top of the battery consumption list. So something...
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    Help Can I force an update?

    Yesterday my i337 running 4.4.2/NC1 alerted me that it had d/l an update which I postponed. So last night I prepped to do a FDR before I did the update and then, after doing the FDR, when I go to d/l the update, my phone says it's up to date and I can't check again for 24 hours. The whole...
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    Help GS4 will not download apks

    Does the stock browser still block apk downloads? I tried to get the new Google Play version today and regardless which mirror I choose, I never see any indication of the file being downloaded. My workaround is to hop on my PC and download the file. Then I open up ES File Explorer on my GS4...
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    Help Security Policy Updates

    Lately, I've been getting pretty large battery hits from something called Security Policy Updates. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Any user info comparing magnetic mounts?

    I'm considering either of the mounts below. Does anyone have experience with either? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Amazon.com: InfiniApps Slyde CD Slot Mount for Smartphones, Cradle-less Universal cell phone holder with Quick-snap technology, magnetic cell phone mount: Cell Phones & Accessories...
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    Help Transfer video from GS4 to iP5?

    I have a video I took on my GS4 that I would like to copy to my wife's iP5. It's about 20 minutes long so I don't think I can move it via email as the file is just under 3 GB. Is there a simple and easy way to do this?
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    Help Can I add this widget to my i337?

    Stay in control with DROID Command Center widget If so, what is the process for an unrooted GS4 running Nova Prime?
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    What kind of pointing device is this?

    There are times when it would be nice to have something to work the touchscreen other than my finger... such as in this pic. What is this? A generic capacitive stylus that will work with the GS4?
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    Help Narrow down to app using battery?

    I am not having any battery issues on my GS4. However, I've noticed that when in airplane mode (at night), I have a regular battery hit that I have been unable to pin to a particular app. I have Battery Mix, GSAM battery monitor, WakeLock Detector, etc. but none of them are able to tell me what...
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    Help GS4 - safe mode?

    I just learned that I can enable safe mode on my GS4: How to boot your Galaxy S4 into Safe Mode | fixedByVonnie How to Boot into SAFE Mode for Samsung Galaxy S4 - YouTube However, I've been unable to get into safe mode (just curious how the phone operates between the way I have it loaded...
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    GS4 thoughts

    I went from a 3.5 inch Android screen (S720C) to the Galaxy Note 2 earlier this year. Loved the huge screen... and yet hated it too... for the size. So I swapped out the GN2 for the GS4 and have been loving the GS4 ever since. No regrets, at all. Fast forward to last night when I popped in to...
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    GS5 construction

    Yahoo! I don't know about the rest of you, but I like and prefer the quality plastic construction of the GS4 vs the metal construction of the iPhone 5 and HTC1. I think the trade press is nuts for making a big deal of the "superior" construction of the metal phones over the plastic of the...
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    Help How to prepare for a FDR

    My GS4 (i337) is stock except for running Nova Prime. Of course my apps (and there are many) all have individual tweaks, etc. that will be tough to duplicate after a FDR. It's taken months to get where I am now with layouts and settings, etc... picking up on tidbits of knowledge (and forgetting...
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    Samsung calendar vs Google calendar

    A recent thread here piqued my curiosity. I have my stock Samsung calendar on my GS4 synced with my Google calendar on my PC. What pros and cons are there running the Google calendar vs the Sammy calendar on the GS4?
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    Minor nit to pick - auto-rotation

    I've noticed that my auto-rotation setting (settings/device/display/auto-rotation) somehow gets unchecked from time to time. I'm not sure what causes the checkbox to lose the check I put there. I only notice it when my images won't rotate and I have to go back into settings and recheck the...
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    Help How to analyze the information battery drain apps provide

    I run a couple of battery drain analyzers in addition to the stock battery app. They all seem to indicate different apps are the primary battery drain culprits. How can this be? Or am I simply misinterpreting the info the battery drain apps provide? Check these screen shots I took back-to-back...
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    Help Stock gmail unread counter

    My stock Gmail app does not feature an unread counter... not that I can find. Is there a favorite counter app that will add this to the stock Gmail app? How does this one check out? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ellevsoft.gmailunreadfree I'm not quite sure what to make of...
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    Help Cerberus gurus here?

    Reading here that Cerberus will allow remote enabling of the GPS (or so I thought), I bought the app the other day. I see no option in the drop down command list to enable the GPS. Playing around with it in my usual configuration of GPS off/location services off, I cannot get Cerberus to track...
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    Help Battery died overnight

    I've had my GS4 since late April. This is the first time I can recall this happening. I left it on with middle 40% remaining and it typically loses about 5% overnight. The only changes I made (that I can recall) yesterday were: 1) installed Disable increasing ring 2) installed Dialer 1 3)...
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    New AT&T update available today (2013.07.09)

    I just d/l it and will install shortly. Anyone else snagged the update? (running stock except for Nova Prime launcher). Edit: new version ucuamf3.
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    Help IMAP settings on the GS4 (i337 stock ROM)

    I have no problem setting up IMAP on my GS4 for receiving email. But I can't get the outgoing settings to work for my work email using the stock email app. Of course work uses MS Exchange... and I absolutely hate giving control of my phone to device administrator. The control restrictions are...
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    Galaxy S4 stress testing

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    Screen shot destination?

    Is there an option to direct screen shots to the SD card instead of internal memory? If so, I haven't found that option yet.
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    Help Stock messaging app msg counter

    I'm not sure what I've changed on the new GS4-32, but my stock messaging app is not showing an unread msg counter on the icon... as I seem to recall from the GS4-16 it replaced. Can anyone clue me what I need to look for to restore that function?
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    The problem with assumptions...

    is that they don't always hold up in the light of day. I assumed... that since I told my GS4-16 to save pictures to my SD card, that screen shots would go there as well. So I dutifully saved screen shots of my screen layouts and all my downloaded programs to prepare for my swapout. So when I...