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    Help 10" NuVision Android tablet not booting

    I was given a 10" NuVision Android tablet (TM101A620MPPM) that I'm hoping to rehabilitate and possibly install a custom ROM on. I've done 3rd-party ROMs before, mostly LineageOS, but I haven't been able either to get this tablet to boot or enter state where a computer (or ADB) will recognize...
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    SMS blocking for Z2 Play Verizon?

    A friend has a Motorola Z2 Play (Verizon) and he's being overwhelmed with SMS spam. The Verizon version isn't rootable so I'm wondering if there is there a call blocker app that can block text messaging without root. I've been rooted so long I've lost track of the limitations on non-root but I...
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    Anti-Adblock Killer on Orfox w/uBlockO?

    I have uBlock Origin and TamperMonkey installed on Orfox Fennec-52.2.0esr on LineageOS 14.1 running on a Nook HD tablet. The problem is, when I try to install the Anti-Adblock Killer script, Orfox doesn't install it to the script manager, it opens it like it was a text file. On a desktop...
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    Help Advice RE: moving apps out of internal and formatting of external SD card

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I thought this topic was relevant as much to the Android OS on the as as it was to my particular phone. My internal SD card is getting a little cramped so I bought a larger microSD card to relieve the crowding. I figure to move some apps and such to...
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    Fuzzy Airdmirror screen image on PC-side

    The image of my LG Optimus Fuel (KitKat) shown on AirMirror (Airdroid v3.0.2) on my Win7SP1 desktop is fairly fuzzy: Notice AirMirror's control interfaces are razor sharp, but the images from the phone are fuzzy. This is most a hindrance when I'm doing stuff like working in the terminal...
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    Help Can't find MAC address or hostname (KitKat)

    I need the MAC address and hostname off my LG Optimus Fuel L34C because I use MAC filtering on my home network and my DHCP server needs the hostname. The phone has not yet been activated. I can't find anything I recognise as a MAC address anywhere on the packaging or the device itself (I...