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    Assign a unique tone to a specific notification sender??

    I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me solve. It's a two-fold problem. 1. I would like to be able to assign a unique tone to a single notification. Example: I get notifications from work, at all hours. They come in the form - alert@XXXX.net . It's not important what the tone is, just that...
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    Turn off ringer but leave but leave notifications on?

    I've never had a need to do this until now. My phone is a Note 10+. I can turn notifications off, and leave the ringer on. If I silence the ringer, it also silences the notifications. But I want the opposite, I want to turn off the ringer but the notifications on. Is there a solution?
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    S7 Edge - Best combo of case & screen protector?

    I have already had to have my Edge repaired. I'm still looking for the best combination of case & screen protector. I would like to have a tempered glass screen protector, yet to my knowledge none of these work well with a case. Currently I have a UAG case with non-glass screen protector. The...
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    Wifes S5 broken needs replaement, contract not due.

    After being stepped on my wife Galaxy S5 Verizon is in need of replacement. We’re not due for upgrade until June. I’m looking on eBay at S4’s a replacement. My question revolves around locked and unlocked phones. Since this will be only be a bit of a temporary fix how big of a deal is this?
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    Is there a Name for Virtual Buttons?

    What are virtual buttons called (like those on Google Search or like the Edit and Quote button on this page)?
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    Help Unable to read Cookie Data?

    [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Bought my Droid yesterday. so far it's great. Except for one big item. I work with a web scheduling site. Basically it requires a username and password to log on. The issue is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn
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    Unable to read Cookie Data?

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    Soon to be new owner...

    Will have a new Droid by Monday