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    Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Android Chrome not Showing BookMarks

    This Tablet has Google Chrome Installed and Logged in with my google account But None of my bookmarks can be found. Sync is Enabled but the bookmarks do not show across the the top of the browser page as they do on my windows pc. Infact none of my favorites are in Bookmarks
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    Remote Control from PC

    Does anyone know of any Software/App that would let me Use the M10 FHD from my Windows PC. Because I am new to Tablets and Android and Setting Up the Tablet. Navigating the Tablet from a PC would be a lot easier with a Mouse and Standard KeyBoard
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    How can one Sync Gmail Contacts in Real Time to Local HDD

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and it has the latest Android 2.2.1. I am using Google Chrome and Gmail. I have Created a Google Account and Synced All My Contacts ( Over 1000 of them ) to the Phone. What Concerns me is , if I was to Loose My Internet Connection, Then I would be Unable to View My...