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  1. J

    Sync Android To File Server?

    I'm trying to find a way to sync my Android phone's pictures folder to my file server. My server wears many hats. It has directories for Music, Videos, and Pictures. It hosts them over my LAN to my home theatre system running XBMC. That way in the living room I can bring up any form of media...
  2. J

    Nexus 7 Question - Any way to utilize external media through its Micro USB port?

    SO... I'm going to be going on a trip later in the year... I don't own a fully functional laptop right now besides my work issued laptop, which I don't exactly want to take with me since, well, it's a personal trip, not a work trip. I have the Nexus 7 coming, but of course it's got 16GB of...
  3. J

    AnyDo-like app that auto syncs?

    I thought I found the perfect app for my Google Tasks. AnyDo. Works great, looks good, oh wait it doesn't auto sync. Instant deal killer. The hunt continues. Any recommendations?
  4. J

    Car Home - Incompatible With Device??

    Phone A: LG Optimus T Tmobile Android 2.3.5 Phone B: LG Optimus S Sprint Android 2.3.3 Car Home Requirements: Android 2.2+ LG Optimus T - Car Home Compatible LG Optimus S - "Incompatible With Device" Can someone explain why before I rage? Or, at least, can anybody tell me of a suitable...
  5. J

    Help LG Optimus S - Automatically unmounting SD card?

    My girlfriend has an Optimus S. Every now and then if you hit a button to light it up it will say "SD card safe to remove." seconds later saying "SD card ready." Every once in a while, it doesn't auto mount the SD card. Problem is, she uses K9 which has all of her email on the SD card, so...
  6. J

    Android SysLog?

    In Linux, I love the syslog. I often just let a terminal running tailing the syslog so I can see what's up as I work on a Linux box. Meanwhile, my phone (rooted Optimus T running CM7) sometimes acts funny. At night, it at times has shut off during the night. Being this is my alarm, this...
  7. J

    Other Swipe Keyboards?

    So I just found SlideIt. While I like SlideIt, I got to wondering - are there any other swipe-based keyboards out there I can try? Anybody have any suggestions besies SlideIt and Swype?
  8. J

    Average life span of phone running GPS?

    Realistically speaking, how long does a phone last on full charge with only running GPS? I plan to do a 100 mile bike ride tomorrow and I wanted to use MyTracks to track it. I plan to shut off wifi, bluetooth, mobile data, and turn brightness super low for the few times I do look at it to check...
  9. J

    Increase font size on gmail and email app?

    I've been using K9 for a while for my Gmail and Work email. However, it seems to be rather spotty with reliably working. Example, today on my work's wifi it magically stopped working. I'm using my accounts with imap. However, "email" (the default email app) using imap still continued to work...
  10. J

    Latitude Inaccuracy - Update Feature?

    We all know Latitude has had some issues with accuracy, but I'm not entirely sure Latitude is to blame since Latitude utilizes both cell towers and wifi to figure out your location. Well, some wifi points (and even cell towers in some cases) are clearly not up to date in the database. I was...
  11. J

    Google My Tracks - Only able to see stats of most recent track?

    I like to use My Tracks when I'm out on the bike. I love how detailed the aggregated statistics readout is after I'm done. Problem is, let's say I do 3 different tracks, one on Monday, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday. It will only show Monday's. Even if I highlight Monday and I see the...
  12. J

    Root My phone has proved to me twice why I still use a regular alarm clock.

    Last week I was on vacation. My alarm was set. When I woke up, my phone was off. Luckily had woken up on my own accord just prior to it going off by about 20 minutes. The battery was full charge. Today (last night) I woke up to my regular alarm going off, which confused me because it was set...
  13. J

    GPS icon going nuts. Why?

    Tonight I disabled "use wireless networks" under the location menu. I let the regular GPS stay enabled. Shortly after, I noticed that my GPS icon was flickering insanely fast. It wasn't just the "searching" type of flash. It was super, super fast. Easily 15x a second. So then I go into...
  14. J

    Anybody use Glympse?

    To my surprise, Glympse isn't a popular topic on these forums based on my search results. I figured I'd start a thread to see if any users out there utilize Glympse. For a while now I've been on the hunt for a location sharing app that works half decently. I've come across several. The most...
  15. J

    Able to tell which number is being called to Google Voice?

    I may be using my GV number for some side work. Thing is, I'd like to be able to see on my phone when it's ringing that the user had called my GV number so I'm able to answer it in a particular fashion. Is there a way to set it up with a "Google Voice" notation or icon on the screen when the...
  16. J

    Email Clients. Frustrated results send me back to basics. Or does it?

    I've been tinkering with some email applications lately on my Android. I first started with K9 mail but I ran into far more inconsistencies than I ever anticipated. I sat here earlier tonight and tested them and got some very mixed results. I have two accounts, one Gmail IMAP and one Exchange...
  17. J

    Juice Defender - Email Check Time Intervals, etc.

    Riddle me this... I use the built in Email client to manage my email accounts (NOT the Gmail app). That said, the built in email client checks for gmail once every 15 minutes, whereas the other email account is attached to an exchange server and works through push, so it's instant. I also...
  18. J

    My Tracks - Aggregated Statistics Question.

    I use Google's My Tracks when I'm on my bike. I like to see how long I've gone, what grades, top speed, average speed, etc. I've noticed I cannot seem to pick up the aggregated statistics of other tracks on my phone. For example, I had 3 tracks saved, but I could not bring up the stats of my...
  19. J

    Google Navigation And Data Usage.

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm curious for a more concrete answer instead of me just assuming. I use Google Navigation quite a lot. That said, I also have a T-Mobile data plan where I get 100mb of 4G and the remainder after is unlimited with 2G or 3G or something like that. I forget the...
  20. J

    ADW Launcher - Folders - Hidden Dock

    "Folders" have become a necessity to me. Knowing that folders exist (and the fact they are not a widget, and therefore, dockable) makes me love them that much more. On Go Launcher EX, which has a scrolling side to side dock, it's easy to do this. On one dock, I have all of my main stuff...
  21. J

    Go Launcher EX and Custom Icons.

    To my surprise, when I searched the forum for this all I found were entries regarding Launcher Pro. Well, I'm not using Launcher Pro, and I'm curious about installing icon themes. I found a huge thread on XDA forums but that too was for Launcher Pro. What's out there for Go Launcher EX...
  22. J

    go launcher ex question

    Question... Is it possible to add more than five items to the dock? I know you can rotate the dock for more icons but I only need one more and wondered if I could user one dock but have six icons. Thanks!
  23. J

    Swype Beta

    Seems as if an official Swype Beta was released today for any Android phone. When I got my Optimus T from T-Mobile, I loved Swype dearly. Once I flashed it to CM7 to take advantage of a faster ROM (which was an incredible improvement, kudos to devs) I seemed to have lost my Swype keyboard...
  24. J

    Default certain words with voice to text?

    Let's say I want the voice gizmo to default to a certain spelling. Such as: Kristi instead of: Christy How would I do this?
  25. J

    follow me mode on google navigation? ?

    I just fired up Google navigation to see a birds eye view of my path. its a real pain in the ass. how can I get back the follow me mode like a normal GPS does?