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    Help Need app which can save text as a ".TXT" file on SD card by default

    I need a text editor app that can be set to save text as a file in ".TXT" format back to where it was loaded from by default, on a user-selectable directory on the physical SD card in the phone, or, to an external location that it was loaded from via OTG. It must integrate well with the default...
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    Help How can you record calls with the Galaxy S7 Active SM-G891A?

    So many places I call, announce that the call is being recorded, (usually saying "for training purposes"), but on my Galaxy S7 Active SM-G891A phone, I haven't been able to find a call recorder app that works... Do you know one that does? I know it's a difficult problem, because the call...
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    Camera Tips and Manual for Galaxy S7 Active ?

    __First a quick question: How to avoid taking burst shots instead of pics, on Galaxy S7 Active? I only know to point and shoot, to take pics, but even while doing that I keep taking burst shots without wanting to, when using the back camera, by mistake. I don't even know how this happens...
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    How to extract SMemo Notes locally on Galaxy S7 Active

    [First: I don't want to use the cloud] I have Notes written in the SMemo standard app on my Galaxy S7 Active phone, and I need to extract them to reload them on an other phone that is also a S7 Active, but not new, already in use, with some new SMemo notes already saved.. So I'd like to get the...