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    Help Loose Ribbon Cable?

    My wife busted her power button on her Nexus 5 and I replaced the main logic board. The ribbon cable that connects the lower board to the upper main board seems nice and snug but will only function when I am applying pressure to that area (middle of the phone, 2/3 of the way up). When I do not...
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    Help My review of the Nexus vs Rezound's Signal

    So to start this off I live in an area without cable or dsl and have used my OG droid with tether to get on the net for a year orso. With the release of the G-nex I was really hoping that I would be able get some some 4-g at my house as I live in Vzw's "extended 4g coverage area." According to...
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    Help lte/cdma widget?

    I frequently turn my 4g on and off through the settings but a widget would be nice. Anyone know of one on the market that works on the bionic?
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    Root Droid won't connect to my wifi...

    I got a Router with wifi yesterday and want to hook my droid up but it doesn't want to. Before I setup any security on the router it was able to connect but I set it up with wpa/wpa2, tkip/aes visible ssid, and now it just hangs on the obtaining IP address. I grabbed the wifes blackberry curve...
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    Question about Sending in phone for repair

    So my audio Jack is becoming really iffy on my droid and want to send it in to get an RMA before my warrant runs out, so I called motorola to initiate the repair. From what I heard, I have to mail them my phone and have them repair it, and be without a phone in the meantime. From what I read...