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  1. J

    Question(s) About my Alcatel Flip 2

    Although I couldn't find my phone, I figure I'll take a shot anyway. Model A406DL. I've been trying to install a launcher, but I have issues when in Play Store. Issue is, I find it very difficult to navigating and using search. It's extreeeemely slow. Is there a way to speed up Google Play?? James
  2. J

    New Account Issue

    I try to create a POP3 account but no matter what I do the tablet saves it as a IMAP. I have this same account on 2 other devices and they show the account as a POP3. What is different about my tablet? James
  3. J

    Apps Close Unxpectedly

    Galaxy Tab A SM-T510 Android 11 Lately when I'm in an app and leave then go back the app must reload. It doesn't go back to where I left off.. For example when I'm in my crossword [puzzle app and then cheat and got into 'Crossword Nexus' when I return the crossword puzzle app restarts. This...
  4. J

    Issues Sending Contacts From Tablet to Phone

    I'm trying to send my contacts on my Tab a to my new android phone: Moto g Pire(XT2163DL) Before my phone arrived I was able to transfer my contacts to my tablet (.vcf). I was able to pair the two devices but it always fails to send, Any ideas? James
  5. J

    Wallpaper Services Issue

    Sometimes when I swipe the lock screen to go back to the home screen, I get a 'Settings' button brings up Widgets settings instead of the home screen. Any idea how to stop this? James
  6. J

    Can't Find Auto-Update Setting

    For the life of me, I can't find the Auto-Update setting for Play Store. In Play Store I tap my icon in the upper right and tap settings and ZI don't see the setting. Did they move it? James
  7. J

    My WiFi Network Isn't Listed

    Yesterday my tablet was fine. Today I have no WiFi connection and my Netgear network isn't listed. I tried to add it and I got no error but it still isn't listed. I restarted, shutdown and restarted and di a factory data reset and all failed. The my netgear is listed on my Windows PC. I have no...
  8. J

    Dynamic Lock Screen

    Dynamic Lock Screen checks for updates or new pics even though I turned it off. It seems to check every couple minutes. Is there a way to prevent this? Better yet, any way to uninstall it? James
  9. J

    All Links Text Display as 'Followed' in Bing Search Results

    I have Galaxy Tablet and am using Bing to search in Opera Browser. All result links color is the followed color. And I do mean all. It seems to be only when using Bing in Opera. I would like to continue to use Opera because it has a Night Mode feature which utilizes a dark background everywhere...
  10. J

    Unable to Disable Samsung Cloud App

    I do not require any syncing form my Galaxy Tab A tablet. Even though I have have 'Auto sync data' off, I see many apps can still access the app even though I can not change any of the permission settings. I find no way to disable Samsung Cloud app. I find other apps can be disabled but not...
  11. J

    Gallery Not Saving Original Image

    I have a Galaxy Tab A, SM-T510 and the software is up to date. When I edit an image in gallery and I save the changes it does not save the original. Is there a setting to have the original saved? In previous software this wasn't the case. James
  12. J

    Nagging Notifications From Samsung Cloud

    SM-T510 I find no way to disable Samsung Cloud and have turned off notifications, but I get notifications from the app. I'm using the Microsoft Launcher and was able to disable One Drive. How can I stop these notifications from Samsung Cloud? Better yet, any way to Uninstaller it? James
  13. J

    Inadvertently Moved Wallpaper to Secure Folder

    In MyFiles I Inadvertently moved wallpaper to Secure Folder. Now these pictures doesn't show up anywhere in MyFiles. How do I access these files to remove them from the Secure Folder?? James
  14. J

    Long-Press Not Working On Galaxy Tab A

    I recently purchased a Galaxy Tab A, SM-T510. I find that long pressing doesn't work half the time. This occurs on the desktop icons and on the web when trying to open a picture thumbnail. This occurs on at least 3 browsers so I can eliminate my current browser. Is there anything I can do to...
  15. J

    Issues With Bing in Samsung Internet

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510. Android version 9 I'm not sure of this is a Bing issue or Samsung Internet issue. I've already emailed Samsung but they told me the things I've already tried (Restart the app). When I search in Samsung Internet using Bing and select images from the menu...
  16. J

    Help Unable to Play Videos in Samsung Internet

    Every time I try to play a video in Samsung Internet I get the following error: 'Sorry, this video is no longer available.' This occurs and every video I try to play. I am, however able to play videos in Chrome. Any Ideas, James
  17. J

    How to Disable All Syncing and Backups

    Just got a Galaxy Tab A10 SM-T510. I don't need any syncing or backups and wanted to make sure that there will be none. How can I make sure of this?? I have 2 accounts, Samsung and Google. So far I haven't found a way to remove my Samsung account form my tablet. Any help will be appreciated, James
  18. J

    Unable to Reply to My Post

    I posted a question and got a reply but, for the life of me I can't find a way to reply. I've clicked every link I could find within the thread but no luck. Am I missing something, James
  19. J

    Help How to disable Google Search Voice Recognition

    I Asked this on Google Community 2 weeks ago and have not recieved a reply. When I press the mic to voice search in in Samsung Internet, in the voice recording window, Google tells me my voice will be sent to Google voice recognition services. (Or something to that effect.) How do I turn this...
  20. J

    Chrome Starts With Tracfone Site.

    I have a Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Glitz. Even though I specified a web site in the Home Page setting it still opens with the tracfone site. Any ideas how I can get Chrome to start with eh site I specified??? James
  21. J

    Disable Desktop Long Press

    Everything I pick up or set down my Samsung Tab A it inadvertently long press the deskop. It's getting very annoying. An option to disable desktop long press isn't available in the table's settings or in my launcher settings (L Launcher). Was wondering if anyone knew of an app that will disable...
  22. J

    Help Google Play Services Starts Without An Account

    I no longer have a Google account but Google Play Services still runs. I've received no help on rooting my Galaxy Tab A. Is there a way to prevent Google Play Services starting without rooting my tablet.
  23. J

    Help Unable To Find File in My Files

    I downloaded a ring tone from Galaxy Apps. The path is indicated is: /storage/exrSdCard/Download. When I search for that path in either my external SD or internal SD the path isn't found. I'm finding it extremely difficult to organize anything on this piece of $#%. I'm using a Galaxy Tab A...
  24. J

    Help Rooting Galaxy Tab A

    I'm unable to find the USB debugging setting on my Galaxy Tab A. Where might I find this? James
  25. J

    Help Galaxy Apps Network Error

    It was working fine but all of a sudden Galaxy Apps tells me no network connected. Any ideas? James