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    Root files to root 2.3.4

    anyone have the files to root 2.3.4? New ultra suprised to see on 2.3.4. Looked through root tutorials and all links for root are dead for 2.3.4 and 2.3.6. Any help is appericiated.
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    Root PRL Update Issue

    Ok so I got a new tu and had really slow 3g that only worked ocassionaly, was getting alot of timeouts etc. Used the vovoder tweak and things worked well for a day then it got slow again after reboot. Checked prl and it was 61009 updated prl and phone said the prl was updated. Here is the...
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    Root Found the solution to ALL Ultra problems. (Tongue in cheek)

    As the title says all problems solved........I bought a Rush. After the abuse of my job damn near wrecked the ultra (cracked screen, only charges when it wants to, etc,etc) finally had enough and bought a rush. I hope some of the great devs that have worked on this phone move over there. As a...
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    Root MD5 for Baseband Backup

    Hi all trying to verify MD5 for baseband backup after updating to FC29. BlueFeNix and I have different MD5 hashes so if you have a backup of your baseband please go here...
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    Any tips on cleaning the usb port?

    Usb port is really really dirty, and possibly slightly corroded. I have tried everything I can think of. Q-tips are too big, toothpicks cant scrub, old tooth brush wont get it..... Looking for any ideas you might have.
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    Root Thoughts on flashing a sprint phone to boost

    A little background..... Just smashed the screen on my boost ultra. Looking at options of buying the digitizer which seems like a lot of work to change, a full front panel or a sprint ultra with a bad esn. My thoughts are with odin to flash boost files to phone and cdma tools to edit the id's...