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    Help big helo please bootloop

    hi, i just wanted to reset my phone to zero and when i did it the phone start to bootloop, i tried to do factory reset and it didnt work, what can i do? i pussdown factory reset then pressed yes then i pressed reboot system...at start its said running apps, then i start using the phone accepet...
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    Help Bad camera video

    Hello, why the video is always blurry? 1080, 1080 60fps, 4k or 4k fps, all off this so blurry, why is that?
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    Help problem with smart answer for bluetooth

    hi, i want to use smart answer for bluetooth, as i understand, when i lisetening to song from my jbl e45bt and i have incoming call, i dont need to answer because the device answering auto himself, right? if i am right it dosent working, why is that? i have the lasted software update thank u...
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    Help Blurry camera

    Hi, my camera one day turn blurry when im on auto or manual....how can fix it? I tried to shake it like on samsung but nothing happened...hope u can help me
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    Help cant install new update

    hi, my phone got now the new firmware, vtr-l29c576b170, after i download him, he tell me software install failled get help from http www.emui.com ....... why is that? what can i do? i try several times
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    huawei mate 10 pro

    what do u think about this phone mate 10 pro? its better then note 8? note 8 cost alot more, and im not talking to the people that cant live without samsung. what note 8 gives that the mate 10 pro wont give? the same camera quality, better battery from mate, i think better cpu and better...
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    huawei phones

    hi. what do u think about huawei ? i heard that she past apple at sales... do u think there phones better then samsung? what do u think about the kirin? better then snapdragon? i would love to hear some opinions.
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    s8 or xz pre

    i want the xz pre because the camera is better but im afraid, i hear alot of time that sony have bad system, always make problems, i dont know what to do. y is every body afraid from sony devices? plz help me