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    Help IMS registration status it says "Not registered"

    I have the Note 9 SM-N960F exynos I had mint mobile I decided to switch to TracFone I picked the AT&T sim card. I activated it on Friday it took a few hours. Mobile data worked, but couldn't make phone calls. I looked in the sim card status in the IMS registration status it says "Not...
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    Help wifi exclamation mark on note 9 rooted

    I have the The Note 9 N960F running SuperStable Rom android 10 its rooted with magisk 20.4 it was a clean flash didn't have nay problems when I flashed it. The only problem is I get the wifi exclamation mark it appears every couple of minutes. I have to disconnect and reconnect my wifi from my...
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    Find saved passwords rooted

    I have a rooted Note 9 I want to know where can I find the saved WiFi passwords?
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    WiFi drops every couple of minutes

    I have the Note 9 with magisk latest the only problem I have is that my WiFi has a exclamation mark next to it and I don't get any connection. I only have WiFi on not mobile data. I have to reconnect again to make it work it happens every couple of minutes. I just downloaded the ROM and the...
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    Help How to go to download mode no OS

    So I have no OS installed and right now I'm in TWRP how can I go into download mode without a OS. Is there a way without turning off my phone because it says there is no OS when in the reboot options in TWRP. I went to sammobile the model I have is the SM-N960F/DS and I don't know which...
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    Help Playstore won't download ir update

    It happens with every app I download or update. It will show its downloading then with app installing. On the notification bar shows the arrow I swipe it away close the playstore open it again then this message comes up. I already cleared data from the playstore and removed my Google account?
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    Cell signal problems

    I brought my Note 9 from eBay two weeks ago I had problems with the battery it would drain 5% overnight fully charged. I thought it would settle after a few days the problem persisted found out it was the cell standby. I only get one bar or just nothing at all. I traded sims with my brother who...
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    Help Phone won't charge could it be the charging port?

    In the last few days I had trouble charging my phone when plugging in the cable it won't charge at all even taking out the cable and putting it back in it won't help. I then have to move the cable back and forth while its still plugged in the phone until I hit it at a angle then it will charge I...
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    Help Get error in TWRP when flashing Mokee ROM

    I ended up doing this I got it from the official Mokee site from the discussion forum "This guide you should do before flash rom if you already boot this rom it’s not working edit mokee zip rom delete xposedinstaller in /system/app -download xposed uninstaller sdk25 zip from official xposed...
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    Help I removed the battery from?

    My Moto X Pure with a new one and right now its at 42% on the packing wrapper it says " Please charge your battery at least 5 hrs before use and at least 3 cycles to reach maximum capacity" how long should I charge it for and how many times should I do it, also should i use a regular charger?
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    Help How to remove Stripped screws?

    I wanted to remove the battery managed to remove all 20 something screws but only two remained they were difficult and ended up stripping two of them. I took it to a shop and they couldn't remove them. I tried using the rubber band and tape and super glue method and it didn't work. Can I use a...
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    Help Please help!!!! Phone vibrates when Swipe to Factory Reset

    I flashed AOSP Extended yesterday everything went well, but me not thinking about it ended up flashing the Clark Simple Kernel and it flashed successfully and I rebooted it showed the Motorola logo it vibrated the screen went black and it did the same thing again it wasn't going to reboot. I was...
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    Help Can't connect to College WIFI

    I have the Moto X Pure XT1575 and had the 7.1 Nougat ROM of AICP and couldn't connect to my college WIFI to connect I have to give my student email which stops at my name for example johndoe and then I have to provide an Anonymous identity and for the password is my date of birth. After that the...
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    Help My Moto X Pure?

    Gets Hot when browsing the internet for a few minutes it get's hot in the back and in the screen the temperature rises to 103.3 F to 104.3 F degrees I have no apps running in the background and syncing is turned off and I disabled the Moto features off to save battery life. I barely got it...
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    Cancel Moto X pure order?

    I recently bought a 32GB version but I saw the 16GB version was now available and ordered it yesterday can I cancel it since I haven't received it yet. It said it was back order and it is going to be delivered on the 27 of this month?
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    Help Wifi issues

    When I connect to my college WiFi it takes to me to the WiFi sign in which I have to enter my email address I enter it and when it loads I get this "Got the error: Server Error While trying to obtain Connection refused" I already did reboots, changed to...
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    Help Can't connect to college WiFi?

    I locate the network I sign in but it gives an error Got the error: Server Error Connection refused I even reverted my ROM to it's previous state but no luck. I used to connect just fine I even asked others and they said they have no problems. I guess its my phone that has the problem what...
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    How much does it cost?

    To replace a broken power button in an outdoor swapmeet?
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    Help Today when I wanted to?

    know how many minutes I had I dialed the USSD code it displayed 'Connection problem or invalid MMI code' I signed in to my provider homepage to see if something was wrong and it said that my account was active? I'm on carbon ROM and my phone is rooted. I even took out my sim card and put...
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    Help How can I transfer?

    all of my T-Memo's to my S-Memo's app? The T-memo is from my Stock ROM and the S-memo is a app that can be used on any android device.
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    HellKat ROM problem 4.4.2?

    I flashed the HellKat ROM and when I go to settings in user interface it says unfortunately setting has stopped. I also flashed a older version of the Rom and got the same thing?
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    Kernels for Jellybam ROM?

    What Kernels work for the Jellybam Rom verison 10?
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    At&t ZTE radiant goes into recovery mode?

    I was watching a YouTube video then my phone randomly froze and rebooted into recovery mode. Now when I try to restart it boots up and then it goes into recovery mode again?
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    Is the jellybam version 9.2.0 ROM?

    for T989 for T-mobile and is it a good ROM does it have any flaws? JellyBam downloads for Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) (hercules)
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    Keep getting a emergency alert?

    It says AMBER Alert BOULEVARD, CA AMBER Alert UPDATE LIC/6WCU986 (CA) Blue Nissan Versa 4 door How can I stop getting this message I already got it two times already?