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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    Returned it Thanks for your help
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    just called samsung. person of course could barely speak english. first guy did not know what split screen is! he insisted the screen was flashing. - it was not. 2nd person said to restart then said pressing the three lines twice would cause slit screen- it didnt. BTW it takes a really very...
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    advanced-multi window everything is to the left and grey, multiwindow for all apps is also off thanks
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    Returning the tablet is looking more attractive! Thanks
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    Thanks re screen print. It splits with brave as well thanks
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    How do i do a screenshot on a tab a8? Tried volume and home button but just got google assistant. Thanks
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    Looks like this forum is no longer used
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    Stop galaxy tab a8 splitting the screen

    If I have more than one app open, maybe chrome and settings, then while browsing with Chrome, it splits and there is settings as well Thanks guys
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    why wont my android tablet play my htm file

    I made a webpage in word ( who knew it was possible!!) it is an htm file, comes with an accompaning file containing the images. works on chromebook and windows computers. how can it tell this samsung tablet to stop messing around!! I see the webpage but no images! thanks all
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    301 extracted apk

    Some are quite big. Do i need them? Can i just delete them all One cleaner type app says i have 3 gb of them. That app failed and was removed Thanks all
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    I am looking for the version some time ago

    My old samsung tablet decided to erase everything on the home screen, including a version of real jigsaw. No problem i just copied the version 7 0 3 G from the other samsung. Sent it by two methods. Wont open, parsing problem. Must be a newer version! Does anyone have an older version? Thanks...
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    SM-T510 wont allow adobe pdf reader as a default

    I have downloaded the adobe pdf reader. in the software it will open a pdf. but when i click on a pdf it opens with what? google reader? tried opening open with and there was nothing. android 9 how do i make adobe as tthe default pdf reader? thanks
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    tablet shape

    Just bought a Samsung smt510 It is taller and narrower than our other 10 inch tablets. Is this how they are now or do they still make them like our older ones Thanks
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    how do I see what is in this file

    It is using half the space on the tablet? Thanks all
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    why is there an N next to some of the pdf files

    Samsung t3? Tablet sm t 820 I searched the tablet for manuals for tablets etc and put them in a file called manuals. Thanks fellow sufferers!
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    links on the homescreen to vdeos on the card.

    SM-T510NZSAXAC I am thinking of buying one of these and putting a card in it. then I will put lots of small videos on the card.. question is what is the best way to put links on the homescreen to each of these videos (will take several screens!!) I used to use Fileshortcut. thanks all if this is...
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    different designs for each of the home pages

    How do I put a different design on each of the homepages, or can one have pages that are not the homescreen. On a tablet. Thanks all
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    when i make a DVD i put on a menu on it. so viewers can choose what part of the video to see. can i do this with say a MP4 file on an android? how can one do this? thanks all
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    new Update

    coming from a windows background i am leery about updates... the samsung tab S3 is bugging me to update it. what is the update for? probably to allow more advertisements! thanks all February 2019
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    tab s3 sm t820 time problem

    we have 3 different samsung tablets. without internet on, 2 remember the time when i switch them on. tab s3 sm t820 9.7 does not remember the time. is this a faulty tablet? or a faulty design? samsung do not know. their repair folks do not know. anyone have one of these? please disconnect the...
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    galaxy tab s3 problems

    What app do I need to remove the big clock? the time is usually nonsense unless on the internet. What app do I need to turn off the microphone. Samsung says it cannot be turned off! I have removed the Google ok thing as far as i know. Are there other apps etc still listening? My other tablet is...
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    tab s3 sm t820 put a link on the homescreen to a file

    at the moment i use File Shortcut V2 but i do not like it. is there another way i can put an icon (that i made) onto the homescreen as a link to a file on the tablet. not using internet. thanks all
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    background image tab s3 sm t820

    we wanted to put a new background image on the homescreen etc. made a square picture. worked fine. ah but.... when we put text on it the problems began. in horizontal way...if we put the text closer to the top than about an inch, the text vanished- we assume off the top, maybe the tablet...
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    home screen Links to videos

    I have been using the 'file shortcut' app successfully on the gt-nn8010 tablet. I used a gif with a clear background. First time it worked , subsequent times the background had a colour. Is this problem caused by the app or the tablet? Thanks all. Ps. Do I need an app to put an image on the...
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    Strange files

    I am not even close to being an expert. I want to replace the little card with another one, so I am going thru the card to see what I can delete. What are all these com files? Thanks