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    Root 'failed to mount system'

    Hi, Unlocked and rooted stock 4.2 JOP40C Nexus 10, all has gone well. Root was successful, and apps like Titanium Backup, DataSync, and so on that require root all work fine. However, when trying to mount /system in ES File Explorer or FileManager I get a message saying 'failed to mount...
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    Help Update issue

    Stock, unrooted, locked boot loader. When I tried to apply the latest small 1mb update it just created with an android lying on its back and a message underneath saying "No command". Rebooting just continually returned me to that screen after the Google logo - out never got as far as the X...
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    Smart cover

    Has anyone seen photos or a video of the case that clips to the back of the tablet? I see lots of reviews that mention it but not one that actually has an image of it! Can anyone help with a link? Thanks!
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    Root Tab list in stock browser

    The stock Browser thumb controls give access to open tabs. On my Galaxy Nexus pressing the button opens a list of tabs that looks like the Recents list. It's much easier to manage open tabs like this, just swiping them away, but on the N7 it doesn't come up with that list, which means you have...
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    YouTube pairing

    I can't find out how to pair my Google phone with the Google TV YouTube app, so I can send videos from the phone to the TV. The website says that I going to my YouTube on the TV app there will be an option to pair, but I can see it there nor anywhere else in the options menu. Am I missing...
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    Send you tube to google tv

    I was sure I saw a review that said you could send YouTube videos to Google TV right from the YouTube app. Did I dream this? I know you can do it via separate apps, but I thought a recent update included the functionality in the YouTube app itself. I might be confused with the Nexus Q...
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    Remote colours?

    Is the ir blaster on the Sony nsz gs7 supposed to send the colour button on the remote controls? The infrared blaster works to control my old netgems tv box, except for the colour buttons. Before I spend a long time figuring this out, is it supposed to be able to?! Thanks.
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    Root ClockworkMod?

    I rooted with a seriously old version of CWM - without rebooting to check I think it's 3.x. I'd like to update to a more recent version, but when tapping on install latest version in ROM Manager it asks me whether I have a 'Motorola Xoom' or a "Motorola Xoom WiFi". I have the 3G Xoom MZ601...
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    [International / GSM] GSM ROMs?

    Can anyone suggest a decent ROM for the GSM GNex? I'm running the Team EOS nightlies but not terribly impressed. Waiting for AOKP to get up and running with JB, but want something to use in the meantime - preferably with notification bar toggles and volume settings shortcut in the volume popup...
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    [International / GSM] JB Gmail app

    I'm having some trouble with GMail for JB. I'm on TEAM EOS nightlies. The earlier builds had GMail in the ROM, the latest ones don't and the GMail app in the Play Store doesn't serve up expandable notifications.Does anyone have an apk for the JB compatible GMail? Or advice on how to make this work!
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    Root Root 4.1 or 4.1.1?

    Hi. Should I upgrade to 4.1.1 before rooting or should I not? Or does it not make any difference? Thanks for any advice.
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    [International / GSM] flashed Talk not signing in

    Just rooted and flashed the latest AOKP 4 for GSM Nexus. All going well until I flashed Gapps and ran Titanium backup's restore which didn't seem to go well - had to wipe Contacts and re-sync to stop a continual force close error. Now I have noticed that Talk won't sign in. It appears to do so...
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    Go Launcher HD

    Hi - just tried out the new beta of Go Launcher HD for tablets Android 3.0+ but I couldn't find a way of switching between launchers. Pressing the Home button didn't bring up an options list like it does on a phone, and Manage Applications / Clear Defaults for the Go Launcher HD app was greyed...
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    Help Improve Face Unlock

    Is there a limit to how many times Improve Face Unlock will keep improving? I've taken several improved pictures through the day today, and now that I'm back on my couch where I took the very first photo I find the phone didn't recognise me! Do the oldest photos get deleted, so is there a limit...
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    Help Time 'dials'

    The dials on the time setting for the alarm and calendar apps go in one minute increments. This is incredibly annoying, as to get from 00 to 30 takes several swipes and then a couple of careful ones to get it exactly on 30. I'd be much happier with five minute increments - I can't think of any...
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    Help Loudspeaker on answering call

    My girlfriend's Desire S always turns on the loudspeaker every time she picks up the phone to answer a call... Anyone else with the same problem, and any idea on how to fix it? Thanks for any help.
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    Xoom or Tab?

    Someone has offered to buy my original Xoom tablet, and I'm considering taking them up on the offer. But is it worth it? The Xoom has 3.2 with ICS around the corner, 32GB memory and a memory card slot. But it's also much heavier and not so slim. What might you do in my position? Is it worth...
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    Help Brightness apps/widgets not working on ICS?

    Does anyone know an app or widget that will work to alter the screen brightness in ICS? I used Brightness Rocker all the time on my old phone - it displays a brightness slider underneath the volume rocker when you change the volume - tap to change. The box still appears, but the slider does...
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    Bird Bar Light - similar app?

    I recently found Bird Bar Light, an app which brings down the notification bar with a swipe in from the top 2cm or so of the side of the screen in any app (including full screen ones) - useful on my Galaxy Nexus as the screen is sometimes too big to reach the top bar comfortably with one hand...