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    Finally! ICS!

    Sprint just announced on Twitter that ICS is available for all Nexus S 4G users! Sprint Community: 4/5 - Nexus S Software Update - IMM76D (Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich) FINALLY!
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    How I solved my reception issues

    Now this is a completely subjective post and YMMV but I was getting very weak and inconsistent reception here at my work. 1 to 2 bars with signal constantly dropping out. I finally had enough, so here's what I did. I rooted my device and installed Roam Control. I now force roam on Verizon's...
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    Help can't download HTC widgets

    I just did a factory reset on my EVO this morning, for the heckuvit, and after getting everything re-installed, I went to download the notes and battery widget from HTC, but now my EVO is telling me (when I click on the "Get More HTC Widgets" header) it is "unable to download widgets. Tap to try...
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    Help Wrong time displayed after update

    Ok, so after I updated to the 4.24 update back in June, my EVO is constantly showing the incorrect time. My phone thinks I'm on EST, even though I'm CST. This was not an issue with the 4.22 update or before. Updating PRL and Data will sometimes fix it, but eventually (and for no reason) it will...
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    Rooted and trying (tried) to update? discuss here. ROOTED USERS ONLY

    uh oh. I think my install is borked. I'm rooted, but on the stock ROM that came on the phone. Began applying update, now my screen is sitting on the Android triangle exclamation point image...maybe because I'm rooted?
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    Help New OTA pushed on 5-4-11

    So I'm trying to do some research for my boss. He recently received the OTA for 2.2 on his Fascinate. Things are working fine with it, until this morning. He walks in and shows me his screen. It's stuck on the downloading screen with the yellow ! sign and it says to not restart the phone during...
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    Help Google Voice integration issues

    So Sprint just gave us Google Voice integration with our phones, so we can use the built in messaging app for SMS and MMS. I was receiving text messages in that app just fine, up until today. I was having trouble accessing my voicemail, so I decided to install the GV app so I can get direct...
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    Help No sound from Clock/Weather widget

    So something weird has happened with my EVO. I'm running the stock rom (rooted) and some time yesterday, my HTC Clock/Weather widget stopped playing sound (like rain drops when it's raining, etc.) and I can't figure out how to get it back. My audio settings are correct (media set to 60%, btw)...
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    Help Crappy contact pic images - and solution!

    So I'm back to the EVO after 3 weeks on Windows Phone. I had the HTC Arrive and it was a really good device, and the OS was really great too (never thought I'd say that about WinMo), but I missed my "Hummer". I turned it back in for an EVO. My apologies if folks here already knew what I'm about...
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    Help Exchange contacts random

    Hey guys, need some help figuring out this issue. Boss's fascinate will order contacts (all from exchange 2k10) inconsistently. Some are Last, First and some First, Last. He is unrooted and on 2.1 (I'm guessing Sammy STILL hasn't released Froyo). Aside from using a 3rd party app like Moxier or...
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    Root Where are my apps stored???

    Ok, my EVO is rooted, I'm on CyanogenMod 7 RC1 Nightly #6. I'm trying to move Launcher Pro into my SystemApps directory, but I can't find it! I've search here and google, and everyone says it's stored in data/apps, but when I go to data, it is empty. I tried both the File Manager app and ASTRO...
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    How to Ditch the Sense launcher!

    So I have been flip flopping between CM7 nightly builds and the Sense ROM on my EVO for the last few weeks, and while I like CM7 I also like the stability of the Sense ROM, but wanted to run a different launcher than the one Sense gives you, without having to run two launchers at once, and kill...
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    Help stock Browser Javascript issues?

    So I was comparing my buddies iPhone to my EVO the other day, and we decided to compare Javascript rendering. The iPhone clobbered my EVO in multiple tests. Just as an example, if you go to Bing.com in your browser and scroll through the new menus, on the EVO it's very jerky. On the iPhone it...
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    Weird stuff at HTC support site...new update coming?

    So I've been trying to download the latest Sync for HTC, so I can wipe my phone back to stock (currently running Joey Krim's HTC ROM), and at first the download was insanely slow, like dial-up speeds, I rebooted my pc and went back, and now the link to download Sync is completely gone. Is it...
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    Help How many using Exchange ActiveSync on EVO?

    I'm just curious to see how many folks here, use the built in EAS of 2.2 vs. a program like Touchdown or Moxier Mail.
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    Help EAS question

    Boss has the Fascinate (he'll probably be switching to the iPhone as soon as VZW has it), and he wants to clear out his Sent items from the phone, without deleting those same items off of the exchange server? Anyone know of a way to do this? I tried Googling for it, but really didn't find...
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    Help New to Evo.. best battery saver/task killer app?

    So I've been here in the forums for a few months, over in the Samsung Moment area. I just recently upgraded to a real android phone, the Evo. Wow, talk about a huge difference! I can actually make and accept phone calls now (a basic requirement for a working phone, amirite?), and I don't have to...
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    Help App crashing after 2.1?

    Ok, I've been on 2.1 since it was officially released by Sprint. Here recently, the phone has been acting weird. I'll go to open an app like Facebook or Twitter (the official apps, not the 3rd party ones) and after I launch it, it closes back down. No force close message or anything. Is anyone...