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    Fi Port Out

    Is it a pain to port out of Google Fi? There are some lurid stories floating around. When you get your account number and PIN, do they have an expiration date, or can you drag your feet indefinitely?
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    The Gap

    Anyone here have a Pixel 5 with the notorious gap? Does anyone have a sense of how common it is?
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    Why not Mint?

    With the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, Mint is beginning to look more and more attractive. Their unlimited plan is $30 per month, as opposed to $60 for Fi, and the advantage of switching between the two services is gone, now that they are one. Both Fi and Mint are an MVNO, so why are we...
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    Why the wait?

    I (pre)ordered a Pixel 5 from Google on the 15th and was surprised to be given a delivery date of 26-27 Nov. Are they coming in in dribbles, or selling so fast that even Google can't keep up? Are they all going to Verizon, Best Buy, etc.? What is going on?
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    First one?

    Who, here, will be the first?
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    Why is email eating memory?

    For the last three days or so, my email has been eating something like 60% of my memory. I haven't changed anything, that I know of. Ideas, anyone? ETA: I fixed it by deleting 800+ emails in trash, and emptying the email cache.
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