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    Can't call after a call when wired

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, have tried multiple headsets. It just seems so odd that another call can not be made via the headset if a call has ended all because the screen has the details of the previous call onscreen, the use call ended and duration.
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    Can't call after a call when wired

    Motorola G62 5G but has happened with other phones too.
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    Can't call after a call when wired

    Hello all. I may have missed the solution to this but here goes. While using a wired headset if a call has ended I am unable to make a call until I manually clear the details from my phone screen of the previous call. If there a way to sort this out as it is 'annoying' It has happened with...
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    Help Moto G 2014 menu update

    Hi, now I've had an update for my Moto G 2014 and already I am totally annoyed with it. How do I remove the Search Apps bar from the apps menu and secondly how do i get back to separate pages for my apps. I detest the single page layout. I've searched through the setting but can't find a way...
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    Data, android and new phone

    Greetings, I'm based in the UK (i know, am i insane!) and i'm looking for a new phone, with all the androids around i thought i may as well look at them but im confused by data connections. I run a PAYG sim on O2 without free internet and i'm not bothered by mobile email YET or other data...