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    Root TV out on CM7?

    Newb question. I've been rooted for like 6 months but I just installed my first ROM on Monday (CM7). Now that the netflix app is out I'm curious if my tv out jack will work on CM7? I don't have the cable yet so I can't test it. Anyone know?
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    Yahoo Mail 1.2 Alpha

    A couple days ago I opened up Yahoo mail and it told me I needed to do an update. It downloaded an APK and then nothing happened. I decided to just launch the APK and install the new version manually. It said it was version 1.2 and the current version I had was 1.0.4. So I started playing...
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    Help Pulled the battery and hosed my Inc

    I was going to swap batteries this evening because I drained the one in my phone. I chose the "power off" option but didn't let it shut completely off before I pulled the battery (I got distracted and pulled the battery without checking if it had shutdown). I booted up the phone and all of my...
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    Help Chrome to phone

    It doesn't work. I get "Device not registered for user". I have the chrome extension installed and the android app installed on my phone. I have logged into my google account on both. Ironicially, I it does work with the "Fox to phone", a firefox add-on with the same functionality.
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    Help .nomedia

    Ok, I'm having a weird problem. I had a folder with existing media files in it. I then created a file called .nomedia so that I wouldn't see these files in the photo viewer etc. After this the files were still visible so I decided to reboot the phone. When it booted back up the media files...
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    Skyfire Users

    Skyfire is awesome but missing an important feature. For me the biggest thing missing from Skyfire is the ability to scrub (fast forward, rewind, jump) on flash videos. If you feel this way too then go here and like this idea (I wasn't the original poster but I want them to move on this) or...
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    Help SD card while in charge mode?

    When I plug my phone into my computer to charge at work I set it to "Charge Only". However, the SD card mounts on the computer and is visible. The phone can't see it. For some reason I thought that when I first got the phone if I selected "Charge Only" it wouldn't mount the SD card on the...
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    Help Calendar Sync?

    My google calendar only syncs one way. If I enter an event via the google calendar website then it syncs to my phone. If I enter an event directly on my phone it does not sync to the google calendar. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Help Voice Dialer Sucks

    The native voice dialer sucks. Is there a way to calibrate it? Voice search works pretty well so I'm not sure why the voice dialer sucks for me. I've been using voice dial on feature phones for like 5 years and they all worked much better than this.