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  1. kwmetalfan

    Help Alarm volume muted

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure this out. My wife has this phone, it's not rooted, completely stock, and she just received the ics update last week. Since then her alarm volume always reverts to silent. Even with the option for 'alarm even in silent mode' checked. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. kwmetalfan

    Replacement phones

    Long story, short version. I received a defective replacement EVO 3d, called sprint to get a new one. They tried processing it without sending me to a store. I never had confirmation so i went to a store. Well, 2 phones were ordered and i receive both tomorrow. Are they expecting 2 phones...
  3. kwmetalfan

    A good and bad experience with Sprint

    I have an EVO 3d. I have a recurring issue with dust getting under my screen. I had the screen replaced once with no issues. I went this past Saturday and got another screen replaced, then the camera didn't work. Went back and they couldn't fix it and they couldn't put it back together correctly...