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  1. Heisenberg123

    2 Gmail 1 Inbox but...

    looking for the best solution if any I have 2 Gmail accounts, the Gmail app I cant find a way to combine the inboxes, in the standard Android Email app I am able to combine them into 1 inbox but I would also like to be able to tell the difference of which account the email is in hope that...
  2. Heisenberg123

    Help random restarts

    hello my phone has restarted all by itslef atleast 5 times in the last 7 hours also the battery is draining fast down to 50% in the same time screen has only been on for 25minutes its also only saying 1h6m55s on battery yet its been off the charger for 7 hours
  3. Heisenberg123

    Help apps stay awake causing battery drain

    lately ive noticed apps running in the background causing huge battery drain, I first noticed my batter dropping a percent every few minutes even with my phone in my pocket I opened application manager and seen apps showing in the list, I use to believe these were in a frozen state but they...
  4. Heisenberg123

    Google Search App randomness

    every now and than ill wake my phone and its on the screen you would see if you launch the Google Search app, the google search app is hidden on my phone is some other thing that would accidentally launch this app?
  5. Heisenberg123

    Go Notifications

    I have Go Launcher and ive installed Go Notifications but i still do not get the number on the icons for anything, is it because I have an Icon Pack selected?
  6. Heisenberg123

    Apex Launcher Icon Labels

    from time to time the icon lables hide even without me having that option ticked off, to get it back i toggle hide icon labels on then off and they come back anyone else expierence this?
  7. Heisenberg123

    MMS Question

    does being on wifi prevent MMS from sending/recieving? im jsut taking a shot in the dark sometimes MMS do not get recieved by people and the same for me they ask if i got a certain pic and i have not and it feels like its times when im connected to WiFi
  8. Heisenberg123

    Spell check without predictive text

    Is there a way to have spell check on without predictive text?
  9. Heisenberg123

    Camera Question

    I kind of remember with my iphone when taking a picture horizontally one way actually made the picture upside down when transferring off the phone. Does the galaxy S3 have this same design?
  10. Heisenberg123

    Unknown Ringtone

    every once in a while my custom ringtone wont be the right one it will be a stock one and when i got to settings/sounds its says unknown ringtone. My Custom one is still in the list so i just re-select it. I have not renamed or moved the ringtone file, its always been on the internal SD in a...
  11. Heisenberg123

    Contact Photo

    contact photos look blurry even with a high quality image that looks great as a wall paper, is there something simple im missing?
  12. Heisenberg123

    Show Calendar events in notification screen

    Is there an app that will show my upcoming events when i pull down the notification screen?
  13. Heisenberg123

    remove custom ringtones from list

    Is there a way to remove ringtones from the list? Long story short ive set some ringtones from within the music player app using the "set as" feature this adds i it to the list of ringtones when you go to the settings/sounds/ringtones section. Now i dont want them in my list is it possible to...
  14. Heisenberg123

    S Beam always on?

    any harm in leaving it on?
  15. Heisenberg123

    S Voice in Canada

    Is S-Voice just a Beta? does not answere questions that good but especially when i asked whats the current weather it thinks im on Cambridge, MA when im in Hamilton, Ontario Canada If i asked whats the weather in Hamilton, Ontario it types my question proper but she replies with Hamilton, Ohio...
  16. Heisenberg123

    Change Camera preview app

    I do not like Gallery i prefer QuickPic, is there a way for when i tap the picture preview within the camera App it will open in QuickPic and not Gallery?
  17. Heisenberg123

    set as option in music player

    On my friends S3 if he holds a song in music player he has a set as option in the menu to make it a ringtone, I do not have this in my menu, we are on different carriers could something like this be carrier restricted?
  18. Heisenberg123

    Kies vs Airdroid vs Android File Transfer

    I use a mac runing OSX 10.8.2 this is my first Android device what is the best program/method to add music and movies to my device?
  19. Heisenberg123

    New User Question

    sorry for what might be a stupid question but coming from iOS where my credit card info was stored in my apple ID for purchasing, how do i store my info for purchases in the google play store?
  20. Heisenberg123

    Help Samsung Kies Question

    new to android coming from iPhone, actually still waiting for my Galaxy S3, From what i can tell Kies is very iTunes like for adding music and movies to the device but will it only see the internal hard drive or will it all allow to add to a micro SD card in Kies also?